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Tieline - Number 1 in Customer Service

Sep 15, 2011


Recently we purchased a Commander G3 and I needed a little help a couple of times to get it connected and working. I want to express my extreme appreciation to Tieline's Bill Miller who, both times, not only answered the phone with a real human voice, but knew exactly what he was talking about.

Customer service is hard to come by these days... at least effective or helpful customer service... and Mr. Miller asked me a couple questions to ascertain my situation, my equipment and then talked me through what I needed to do. Furthermore, he explained why, suggested I take a few notes, and without even trying I learned things I didn't know about line senstitivities and connection issues.

My hat's off to him, and I am compelled to say so. I haven't experienced customer service this efficient in many years. Thanks, Bill.


Bill McLean

Broadcast Coordinator

Texas Dept. of Agriculture

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