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Tieline Mic Adapter Wins 2 Awards at NAB 2011

May 9, 2011

  --- Cool Stuff Award NAB 2011
Paul McLane, U.S. Editor In Chief Radio World, Mary Ann Seidler,
Charlie Gawley, John Bisset and Darren Levy
(Radio World photo by Jim Peck)

Tieline Technology today announced that the Tieline Mic Adapter** for iPhone 4®* has won two highly regarded technology awards at the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas.

“This is the third year in a row that the company has won both the BE Radio ‘Pick Hit’ award and the Radio World ‘Cool Stuff’ award for innovations in technology,” said Darren Levy, Tieline’s International Marketing Manager. “These awards are recognized as reward for excellence and innovation in new product development and reinforce Tieline’s position of leadership in broadcast technology.”

“The Mic Adapter allows you to attach your favorite pro dynamic microphone to an iPhone 4® when newsgathering using Tieline’s Report-IT Live Codec Application,” said Levy. “Report-IT can deliver 20kHz broadcast quality audio to the studio and with the Mic Adapter reporters and announcers can now customize their choice of mic when covering press conferences, performing interviews and doing live remotes in different sound environments.”

“The Mic Adapter delivers a full octave of richer, warmer, low frequency response from 20Hz to 200Hz compared to the native iPhone microphone,” said Levy. “This brings the quality of iPhone broadcasting up to the standard of highly-priced codec solutions, with greater portability, more features than most and without the expensive price tag.”

Although it is designed specifically with reporting in mind, the Tieline Mic Adapter will also work with a variety of other iPhone recording applications, which can take advantage of the studio quality sound delivered by the Mic Adapter’s professional XLR mic input.

The Mic Adapter is expected to be shipping next quarter.

--- Radio World Cool Stuff Award 2011

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--- BE Radio Pick Hit Award 2011

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