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Tieline Announces New Distribution Options in Genie

Sep 24, 2013

Tieline today announced a new firmware release delivering four new audio distribution configuration options for Genie Distribution and Genie Distribution Wheat­­Net-IP audio codecs. This upgrade delivers a range of transformational STL-grade distribution solutions to radio engineers over all IP networks.

"Tieline's design philosophy reflects a desire to continue creating innovative new solutions as technology evolves," said Mary Ann Seidler, VP Sales Americas. "This release positions Genie Distribution and Genie Distribution WheatNet-IP codecs firmly at the forefront of market-leading IP codec design."

Current firmware supports transmitting 6 bidirectional channels point-to-point, distributing stereo to up to 50 multi-unicast IP endpoints, or stereo multicasting. The new release also offers:

  1. 3 x bidirectional stereo connections, or
  2. 2 x stereo and 2 x mono bidirectional connections, or
  3. 1 x stereo and 4 x mono bidirectional connections, or
  4. 6 x mono bidirectional connections.

------------ Genie Distribution Connection Options

"Genie Distribution is designed specifically for STL-grade IP audio distribution," said Seidler. "It has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual redundant power supplies, audio silence detection and includes Tieline's proprietary SmartStream technology used by thousands of broadcasters across the globe."

"SmartStream PLUS dual IP streaming technology delivers rock solid STL-grade audio by using inexpensive networks like the internet for STLs and audio distribution. Best of all it's free in the Genie and Merlin families of IP codecs!"

Genie Distribution is fully compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 network infrastructures and connects with all Tieline IP codecs. It is also EBU N/ACIP 3326 compliant to maximize interoperability with other SIP-enabled codec brands.

The codec can be configured and managed using the ToolBox web browser configuration tool. Tieline's Codec Management System allows you to use any computer to manage your entire network of IP codecs remotely.

Contact Tieline at sales@tieline.com or your favorite dealer for more information, or visit www.tieline.com/genie-distribution. For more information on Genie Distribution with WheatNet-IP click here.

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