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Seidler Presents on IP for STLs at SBE Chapter 32, Tucson, AZ

Apr 22, 2013

IP Audio for STL – what happens when disaster hits?

Recent history has shown us that it is not a question of if, but when an emergency will occur, requiring broadcasters to be prepared, and sometimes creative with their efforts to stay on the air. Recent disasters from Hurricane Irene to Hurricane Sandy have made many communities realize how important radio really is during a disaster. It saves lives.

The recent proliferation of IP Based STL’s has opened new opportunities for IP Based STL’s. Whether it is a land line based solution, or an over the air microwave link with wideband IP connectivity, the new lines of IP Based codecs offer broadcasters new possibilities for maintaining bidirectional connectivity to their transmitter sites, not only for audio, but control and monitoring as well. But we must have multiple layers of back-up and redundancy if we are going to use IP. We cannot afford to be off air during a disaster.

Tieline offers innovative and flexible solutions for IP connectivity, and we will discuss the new products available today to help you prepare for emergencies, as well as discussing what worked, and what didn’t work, for broadcasters during recent disasters.

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