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New Tieline ViA codec debuts at Radio Show 2016

Sep 15, 2016

Tieline's New ViA Codec Debuts at the Radio Show 2016

  --------- ViA
  --- Radio World Best of Show 2016 - ViA  --- IBC Best of Show 2016

After picking up a Radio World Best of Show award at NAB2016, and a Radio World International Best of Show Award at IBC2016, for the first time at the Radio Show you will be able to see for yourself what everyone's talking about... Tieline's new ViA portable remote codec for live remotes.

ViA sets a new standard in wireless broadcasting and fundamentally changes the way you perform live remote outside broadcasts. It delivers the simplest and most intuitive codec user interface available today and going live is literally child's play. Simply power up, tap "Connect" and go live!

Visit Tieline's Jake Daniluck on Wheatstone booth 106 and try if for yourself. We're sure you'll be impressed...

See Tieline's WheatNet-IP Codecs...

See live demonstrations of Tieline’s Genie Distribution and Merlin PLUS WheatNet-IP codecs integrated with Wheatstone equipment at booth 106. Watch the video on the Genie Distribution WheatNet-IP codec from NAB earlier this year.

NEW at the Radio Show 2016: VIP-Connect Launched in Report-IT

   ------------ VIP-Connect workflow
  VIP-Connect Workflow

For the very first time VIP-Connect will be demonstrated at the Radio Show 2016.

VIP-Connect makes it even simpler to go live with the world’s most popular smartphone codec app, because with VIP-Connect there’s no need to enter a user name and password to connect quickly and securely. The user simply installs the Report-IT Enterprise app on their smartphone via a free download, and then:

  1. A Report-IT Enterprise administrator generates a unique VIP-Connect URL with the PC/Mac Tieserver Management Console and sends it via an email, text or message to the user.
  2. The user taps the VIP-Connect URL to automatically launch Report-IT Enterprise and log in with fully secure credentials.

VIP-Connect logs the user into the app and configures the Report-IT Enterprise app to connect securely to a studio codec and stream crystal clear, high-fidelity audio at the touch of a button. Just another reason Report-IT is the world's most popular smartphone codec application.


Make an appointment today...

  --- Jake Daniluck
  Tieline's Jake Daniluck

Tieline's Jake Daniluck will demonstrate ViA, Wheatnet-IP codecs, Report-IT and all the latest in codec technology at Wheatsone booth 106 from 21st to 23rd September, 2016 In Nashville.

To make an appointment email Jake at jacob@tieline.com.

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