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NRK invests in Report-IT

Feb 23, 2012

  --- NRK mic adapter
  NRK's Karl Kristian Langeland with the Tieline Mic Adapter

Tieline today announced that Norway’s largest media organisation, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), has expanded its use of Tieline’s Report-IT application for iPhone by purchasing additional Report-IT Enterprise licenses for users throughout its global radio network.

This solution will essentially place a secure, high quality portable IP audio codec and 20kHz quality recorder into the pocket of all NRK reporters, journalists and content contributors based in Norway and internationally.

“This global broadcast solution allows NRK users to install the Report-IT application and then engineers can remotely manage and program all connections for news and radio journalists around the world at the touch of a button,” said Tieline’s Charlie Gawley.  “This solution can also be used by ad hoc contributors or guests, who can simply download the Report-IT Enterprise application onto their iPhone, log in with a secure user name and password and start broadcasting at the touch of a button.”

“NRK has over 2000 iPhone users and we see Report-IT Enterprise as an affordable, high quality and portable IP codec solution, which is simple to deploy and use,” said Asle Veien, NRK’s Technical Manager. “Throughout the trials and subsequent installation we were closely supported by Tieline and Idar Kvam from MultiTechnic. Report-IT was successfully tested for several months throughout the network and we commenced deployment of the new licenses in December.”

“We use Report-IT extensively to broadcast live and it also integrates seamlessly with the database of our non-linear editing system to accept FTP audio files as required,” said Veien. “Report-IT is also popular with politicians and other content contributors who can simply download the app and be interviewed in high audio quality without having to come into the studio.”

Configuration of NRK’s Report-IT user accounts around the world can be performed using a Report-IT administrator account on an iPhone, or a specially designed web-browser management interface, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.  

NRK has also purchased additional studio-based hardware codecs, which complement existing network infrastructure and increase NRK’s capacity to manage additional Report-IT connections.

Contact Tieline or your favorite dealer more information and purchase details.

See www.tieline.com/report-it

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