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NEW Bridge-IT & Bridge-IT XTRA Firmware v2.14.xx Available Now

Jun 9, 2015

Tieline has released new firmware v.2.14.xx, which delivers a range of new features in Bridge-IT and Bridge-IT XTRA IP audio codecs.

“This is a substantial upgrade to the Bridge-IT family of IP audio codecs,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “The Opus algorithm has been added as standard to both Bridge-IT and Bridge-IT XTRA and the web browser graphical user interface has been significantly enhanced to improve connectivity and usability.”

“The addition of Opus brings these codecs into line with Report-IT Enterprise and the Genie and Merlin families of codecs, which all support Opus encoding,” said Gawley.

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Other features in this release include:

  •  AAC-LD and AAC-ELD as standard in Bridge-IT XTRA.
  •  AAC-LD and AAC-ELD in the AAC license pack for Bridge-IT.
  •  AES input monitoring.
  •  Data support for connections with Commander and i-Mix G3 codecs.
  •  Support for sessionless IP connections.
  •  3 levels of user ‘lock’ functionality.

Click to view a video showing some of the upgraded features in this release:

Existing codec owners can upgrade their codec via a free download at http://www.tieline.com/Support/Latest-Firmware.

New user manuals supporting this release are also available at: http://www.tieline.com/Support/Documentation/User-Manuals.

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