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Exciting New Features Available in Genie, Merlin & Bridge-IT

Mar 29, 2017

The new v2.16.xx firmware upgrade for the Genie, Merlin and Bridge-IT codec families will deliver a huge range of exciting new features absolutely free to all Tieline customers.

New HTML5 Program Wizard

  ------ New GUI
  New HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI

Tieline has fully integrated Program creation into the HTML5 Toolbox webbrowser Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all Genie, Merlin and Bridge-IT codecs. This was necessary because major webbrowsers like Chrome and Edge have moved away from supporting Java and the new Toolbox HTML5 GUI runs seamlessly on modern browsers. As a result, firmware from v2.16.xx will no longer support the old Java Toolbox GUI.

In addition, some users experienced connectivity issues due to regular Java updates designed to mitigate exposure to security vulnerabilities. By using the HTML5 Toolbox these issues are avoided. The upgraded HTML5 Toolbox will run on Mac, Windows and Linux computers, expanding the range of devices engineers can use for program configuration.

New Program Scheduler

  ------ HTML5 Scheduler
  New Program Scheduler in the HTML5 Web-GUI

The Program Scheduler is a powerful tool added to Merlin, Merlin PLUS, Genie STL and Genie Distribution codecs. This tool automatically connects and disconnects scheduled programs using a simple calendar-based user interface.

Key features include:

  • Drag and drop to add programs into the scheduler.
  • Drag the top or bottom of a scheduled program to adjust the scheduled time.
  • Customization of time-zones.
  • Day, week, month, list and timeline views available.
  • Enable and disable events in a snap.
  • Automatically switch program types from dialing to answering.

Fuse-IP Support in Genie, Merlin and Bridge-IT

The v2.16.xx firmware release includes support for Fuse-IP network bonding in all Genie, Merlin and Bridge-IT codecs. This means all these codecs can now support Fuse-IP bonding when connecting to Tieline’s ViA remote codec and other G5 codecs.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Added to Genies and Merlins

  ------ Wi-Fi screen
  Scanning Wi-Fi Access Points in Merlin and Genie

All Genie and Merlin codecs now support connecting a USB Wi-Fi modem and streaming IP audio over Wi-Fi. This feature delivers greater remote broadcast versatility for Merlin and Merlin PLUS codecs, and it delivers an additional backup transport for the Genie STL and Genie Distribution codecs. So now they support dual Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi and VLANs.

Enhanced Genie Output Backup Options

Genie STL and Distribution codecs can automatically switch between 4 backup audio sources to maintain program output at transmitter sites. Options include:

  • Connection audio.
  • Icecast streaming client.
  • Audio file backup.
  • Hardware bypass of audio inputs to outputs if power fails.

Other features in this release include support for:

  • Deterministic SIP routing.
  • Adding 6 SIP user accounts and 2 SIP interfaces.
  • WheatNet-IP logic in WheatNet codecs.
  • Round-robin call answering in Merlin and Genie codecs.
  • Codec caller IDs.
  • Upgradable with USB stick or SD.

These features will be displayed on booth N7425 at the NAB Show and available soon after.

  • Visit here to find the location of the Tieline booth N7425 at NAB Show 2017.

  • Visit here to view our online showroom and make an appointment with Tieline at the NAB Show.

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