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Cumulus Goes Live with Report-IT for the Royal Wedding

Sep 30, 2011

--- Cumulus - Jen Hobby at Royal Wedding

Jen Hobby from The Bert Show

Reporting in London

Gary Kline and the team from Cumulus was in London for the Royal Wedding and used Tieline's Report-IT Live iPhone application with the Tieline mic adapter almost exclusively for all live and recorded audio.

"We interviewed a lot of people and broadcasted live quite a bit," said Gary, who is Vice President of Engineering and IT for Cumulus. "During the wedding I sent recordings back to our FTP site set up especially for the event, where they were edited in Atlanta and then re-uploaded for use nationally among our stations."

"The link below goes to a web page that has several pieces of audio taken off-air during the actual wedding and just before," he said. "It also has some video which was simultaneously recorded into the phone using a splitter on-site, so that we could edit the audio for radio purposes in addition to the video for the web site."

"As for the audio clips you will hear, all of them were recorded using an SM58 except for the taxi driver. I used the iPhone internal mic for that one. The post-wedding audio clip (when Jenn says we are at the EBU) was fed using the Tieline ISDN codec."

Click to hear the audio and see the videos.

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