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ABC Selects Report-IT for its Entire Global Network

Dec 5, 2011


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Tieline today announced that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia's largest National Broadcaster, has committed to rolling out Tieline's Report-IT Enterprise solution throughout its entire global radio network.The Report-IT Enterprise application for iPhone will essentially place a secure, high quality portable IP audio codec and 20kHz quality recorder into the pocket of up to 500 ABC reporters, journalists and content contributors across Australia and overseas.

"This global broadcast solution allows the ABC to install the Report-IT application on up to 500 iPhones and lets engineers remotely manage and program all connections for it's journalists at the touch of a button," said Tieline's Charlie Gawley. "A number of licenses have also been set aside for ad hoc contributors or guests, who can simply download the Report-IT Enterprise application onto their iPhone, log in with a secure user name and password and start broadcasting at the touch of a button."

"All programming adjustments for Report-IT user accounts around the world can be performed using a Report-IT administrator account on an iPhone, or a specially designed web-browser management interface, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection."

"The ABC has also purchased professional Mic Adapters which will allow reporters to attach their favorite professional XLR dynamic microphone and headphones to the iPhone 4® when performing live broadcasts, interviews and during press conferences while newsgathering."

"Competing mic interfaces which attach to the iPhone headphone input, roll off quickly after 200Hz - reducing the richness of the audio quality," said Gawley, "whereas the Mic Adapter delivers three full octaves of richer, warmer, low frequency response from 20Hz to 200Hz with crisp mid-range and crystal clear high frequencies."

The ABC has also purchased additional IP codecs in order to increase the capacity of the network to receive live Report-IT connections, or recorded files from Report-IT via FTP. Contact Tieline or your favorite dealer more information and purchase details.

See www.tieline.com/report-it or www.tieline.com/micadapter

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