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USB Wi-Fi Dongles Supported in Genie and Merlin Codecs

Prerequisite: Genie and Merlin codecs using Wi-Fi must have firmware version 2.16.xx or higher installed. See http://www.tieline.com/Support/Latest-Firmware

The following modems have been reported as working by Tieline and/or customers in various countries and regions. Variations in modem hardware and software may mean the listed devices are not recognized by the codec. This means that the same modem reported as working in one country, may not work on a different carrier in a different country. Other modems may work but haven't been tested. Please let us know if you use other USB dongles successfully and we will add them to the list.






Realtek RTL8188CU  

Troubleshooting: Steps to take when a Wi-Fi dongle doesn't appear to be connecting.

If you attach a USB dongle when Wi-Fi has already been enabled, or you attach a new USB dongle, you may need to disable Wi-Fi and then enable it for the codec to recognize the USB when it is first attached.