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Tieline codecs deliver flexibility and allow you to connect over ISDN or IP-based networks as required. If you already own a Tieline codec, upgrading your codec for ISDN use is a simple process. Just purchase an ISDN module, plug it into the codec and you are ready to connect. Tieline ISDN enabled codecs provide simple, ultra-reliable, high-speed digital leased line connections that can connect over either ‘U' or ‘S/T' ISDN interfaces.

Module Options

  1. ViA codecs: A Euro ISDN (S/T) module; click here for more information.
  2. Merlin and Genie families of codecs: A USA ISDN G5 (U) module; click here for more information.
  3. Merlin and Genie families of codecs: A Euro ISDN G5 (S/T) module; click here for more information.
  4. Commander G3 field, rack mount and i-Mix codecs: An S/T Euro ISDN module. Codecs within North America can connect using an NT1B‐300TC S/T to U adapter (supplied by Tieline with the Euro ISDN G3 module in North America). Click here for more information.


G3 ISDN Modules for Different Regions

Tieline Technology originally sold two different ISDN modules for Commander G3 field, rack mount and i-Mix codecs; one for North America called the "US ISDN" module, and one for Europe and most other countries called the "Euro ISDN" module. Both of these modules are clearly marked as such and can continue to be used in these regions.

These modules have been superseded and the "Euro ISDN G3"module is now the only module available. The Euro ISDN G3 module can be used in most countries outside North America and for all satellite ISDN connections. It can also be used over ISDN networks in the USA in conjunction with a small S/T to U ISDN adapter, which is shipped with every ISDN module intended for use in the United States. When ordering a module for use in North America please make it clear that you will require the S/T to U adapter. Click to download the Euro ISDN G3 tech note to find out how to configure the module for use in both the USA and other regions of the world.

Compatibility with All Major Codec Brands

With Tieline ISDN you can connect to AEQ, AETA, APT, AudioTX, Comrex, Glennsound, Mayah, Orban, Prodys, STL IP and Telos codecs - to name just a few...

Compatability Image

Higher Bit-rates = Higher Quality Connections

Each Tieline ISDN plug-in module is capable of connecting to two ISDN B channels and you can use two modules to bond up to 4 x 64kbps B channels together. Codecs within the Merlin and Genie families of codecs are all capable of connections from 64 kbps to 256kbps

Commander G3 field unit codecs are capable of connections from 64kbps to 192kbps and Commander G3 rack mount codecs are capable of connections up to 256kbps.

Tieline ISDN delivers up to 20kHz quality FM audio when connecting to all major codec brands using the highly compatible and popular MPEG1 Layer 2, G.722 and G.711 algorithms.

Alternatively, you can connect between two Tieline codecs using Tieline MusicPLUS and achieve 20kHz stereo at 128kbps, with only 20ms of encoding delay. Use the Tieline Music algorithm to achieve 15kHz stereo over a single 64kbps ISDN B channel, with a low 20ms encode delay.


  • Primary and backup connections and automatic failover to ISDN as required.
  • Full remote control of connected codecs from the studio.
  • The ability to connect to up to four 64kbps ISDN B channels simultaneously.
  • Removable ISDN plug-in modules.
  • Simple connection wizards for programming new connections
  • Relay inputs and outputs for flexible machine control.
  • The ability to connect over B-GAN satellite connections.