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G3 Codec: 10 steps to connect your G3 codec

What are the ten simple steps to connect Tieline codecs? (this procedure is the same for every connectionmode except 3G wireless

Use the black rotary MENU SELECTOR (MS) to scroll through menus and press it to select menu items. If more detailed connection information is required, please see the ‘Quick Start’ section of each codec’s reference manual for more information.

Step 1. Disconnect power from the codec before installing any module into it.

Step 2: Plug power into the codec and attach any POTS, ISDN or Ethernet lines that are required.

Step 3: Turn on power to the codec and select Menu by pressing SOFTKEY 4. Then select [Load profile]to choose the type of connection to connect with (i.e. default profiles or any Custom Profile). Select the profile you want from the menu and press SOFTKEY 2 to load the profile.

Step 4: Use the black rotary MS to scroll to the connection you are using, i.e. [POTS1 Enter#] etc, until it is surrounded by the square brackets [ ].

Step 5: Plug your microphones and/or music sources into the codec and adjust the input gain, phantom power (default is off) and other audio settings by pressing SOFTKEY 1 Aud. (If you are not using a microphone at the codec you are dialing from go to step 7).

Step 6: The default input level setting is Line Level. To adjust input gains press SOFTKEY 1 with Aud displayed above it and scroll to and select [Input Gains]. Select the input gain setting you require for each individual input or select [All Inputs] to change all inputs simultaneously. Press the CLEAR button on the keypad twice to return to the main LCD screen. WARNING: Phantom power of 15 volts is always switched on for the TLR300B rack mount codec analog microphone input.

Step 7: Scroll until the square brackets [ ] surround the connection you will be dialing (eg. POTS1 Enter# ) and type the number/IP address for the connection via the keypad.

Step 8: Press the ENTER DIAL button on the codec to dial and connect.

Step 9: Repeat steps 7-8 if dialing a second connection.

Step 10: On an i-Mix G3 press the yellow CUE button to send audio over the communications channel. If you are using a field unit COMMANDER G3 codec, once both channels are connected hold down the MS for 2 seconds and a secondary activation menu will appear along the bottom of the screen. You will see CUE1 and CUE2 above HOTKEYS 2 and 3. (Please note that rack unit codecs and the TLG3 GUI rack mount codec control software have dedicated CUE buttons so you will not need to do this). Pressing the CUE key on either of the 2 microphone inputs will route audio from these inputs to the off-air bidirectional communications channel only. Audio being sent will be heard in the right side of both headphone outputs. Communications audio will be displayed on PPM 2. To return to the main menu hold down the MS for 2 seconds, or it will automatically return to the main menu after two minutes. For more information on the i-Mix G3 phone coupler, please see the codec reference manual.