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Summary of ViA Codec Firmware Release Notes

Release note updates from firmware v2.18.74 (25 Feb. 2019) to v2.18.76 (7 March 2019)

  • WebGui Version

  • New feature allows disabling/enabling WiFi in Basic Mode. Adding/editing of saved Access Points also enabled.

  • New fixes for SIP.

  • Disabled caching for backup downloads.

Release note updates from firmware v2.18.32 (11 June 2018) to v2.18.74 (25 Feb. 2019)

  • Improvements to SIP.

  • Bug fixes.

Release note updates from firmware v.2.16.110 (30 Oct. 2017) to v2.18.32 (11 June 2018)

 ** IMPORTANT NOTE ON FUSE-IP: If you use Fuse-IP bonding with a codec running v2.18.xx firmware then the server codec must also have v2.18.xx firmware installed. 

  • Web GUI
    1. Integration with all new features (except record & playback).
    2. New Control Port I/O panel to indicate relay status.
    3. New Play Cue function added to Matrix Editor panel.
    4. Firewall, Hostname, CSRF and Browser Title features and settings added to Options panel.
    5. Default Mix setting, Program level rules and G3 Channel setting added to Program Manager panel.
    6. Connect Timeout setting changed from mins to secs in Program Manager panel.
    7. Import/Export programs added to Program Manager panel.
    8. Revised Support panel with Resources and System Diagnostics.
    9. Support for import/export configuration using XML (advanced user feature).
    10. Lots of improvements and bug fixes.
  • Support for asymmetric algorithm configuration for all IP session types.
  • SIP:
    1. Support for STUN.
    2. Support for RFC FEC.
  • Rules:
    1. Program level rules added to Program Manager panel.
    2. New rule for triggering mix change on a relay state change.
    3. New rule to trigger relay when IP is connected.
    4. New screen in UI to show GPI state and to show and control GPO state via Settings > System > Control Port I/O.
    5. Support for 64 Tieline virtual LIOs, along with 64 WheatNet virtual LIOs, plus 4 hardware I/Os.
  • Added an additional SNMP trap destination.
  • New Firewall configuration in codec via Settings > IP Options.
    1. Allow disable of PING outside of local subnet
    2. Allow disabling of ports, e.g. SSH, HTTP, etc.
  • CSRF (Cross-Site-Resource-Forgery) protection available via Settings > IP Config > Web GUI:
  • Allow manual configuration of Ethernet link speed and direction.
  • ViA usability improvements:
    1. Record and Playback; support for playlists, record, playback, selection of sources to record, selection of playback routing, playback cue and file management.
    2. Improved touch-screen responsiveness and POT operation.
    3. Headphone +12dB boost for situations where more level is required.
    4. Send/return headphone balance now available in 2% increments, previously 10%.
    5. Improvements to battery indications.
    6. Updates to graphical representation of Compressor and configuration.
    7. Lock symbol added to a currently loaded program when viewing Favorites.
    8. Enable/disable SSL certificate mode now available.
    9. Support for Novatel U620L and USB730L modems, and ZTE-MF681 modem.
  • Support for custom mixes associated with programs.
  • Support for 12 and 20 bit PCM.
  • Support for setting Hostname of device via Settings > IP Options > Hostname.
  • Support for setting title of Browser via Settings > IP Config > Web GUI.

Release note updates from firmware v.2.16.106 (20 Sept. 2017) to v2.16.110 (30 Oct. 2017)

  • Fixed an issue where SIP account and interface details are cleared when using the Quick Connect panel to create SIP connections.


Release note updates from firmware v.2.16.50(24/04/2017) to firmware v2.16.106 (20 Sept. 2017)

  • Web GUI Version
  1. Full program creation and editing support using the Program Manager panel.
  2. Matrix Editor and Headphone panels added for editing routing.
  3. Scheduler panels added for automated connect/disconnect and load/unload of programs.
  4. SIP Filter Lists panel added to support URI Whitelist/Blacklists and User Agent Blacklists.
  5. Support for WheatNet LIOs added in Rules panel.
  6. Quick Connect panel added to Connect menu.
  7. Updates to the Input panel.
  8. SSL certificate support.
  • SIP
  1. Codec support URI Whitelist/Blacklists and User Agent Blacklists.
  2. SIP interfaces are now OFF by default, i.e. for those customers that don't use SIP they will no longer get robot dials.
  3. Deterministic call routing support added.
  4. Improvements to SIP stability.
  • POTS
  1. Added Comrex POTS compatibility
  • Touch screen Matrix Editor support added.
  1. Edit, save, rename matrices.
  2. Edit Cue/Talkback routing.
  • Extended audio features:
  1. Output Control, e.g. XLR and Digital Output routing, send/return balance and level controls added
  2. 10 band graphic EQ on all inputs.
  3. Compressor on all inputs.
  4. Additional mic gain settings on XLR inputs.
  • Extended SD Card features:
  1. Firmware upgrade
  2. Back-up/restore
  3. Install SSL certificates
  • Improved Rules Engine support
  1. Per-audio stream rules
  • General
  1. Status bar changes green if there is an active connection
  2. Added connection status message pop-ups to provide connection status information regardless of which screen is visible
  3. Added short connection message history to "connections" screen
  4. Added screen and control "lock" which disables front panel to prevent accidental adjustment of controls
  5. Upgrades to Date and Time NTP Sync features.
  6. Caller ID added.
  7. New icons for POTS/ISDN network presence.
  8. Improvements to the Headphone monitoring interface.
  9. Safe remove SD and USB added.
  10. Input On/Off button flashes when IGC is activated.
  11. Support for SIM pin added.
  12. Support for D-Link DWM-222  H/W Ver:A1  F/W Ver:2.0.3EUbO1 Tested on Telstra network using an unlocked modem, reported firmware 1.5.4
  13. Support for Huawei E3276s; Australia, Lebanon; Telstra, Touch & Alfa
  14. Other bug fixes and improvements

Release note updates from firmware v.2.16.46 (20 Dec. 2016) to firmware v.2.16.50 (24/04/2017)

  • Added support for the Pantech UML295 external USB modem.

  • Improvements to alarm tone notifications to ensure reliable streaming at low battery levels.


Release note updates from initial release firmware v.2.16.38 (Nov 2016) to firmware v.2.16.46 (20 Dec. 2016)

This is the first official update of firmware for the ViA Portable Remote Codec.

  • Web GUI version

  • Inclusion of POTS and ISDN Answering Touch screen configuration and enhancements to HTML5 Toolbox web-GUI configuration of answering.

  • Support for configuring SIP “Public IP” field to allow SIP dialing from behind a firewall.

  • Support for changing analog input scale type to either dBU or dBFS.

  • Support for the AC340U modem on the AT&T network

  • Ability for individual users to configure Headphone mix settings

  • Option added to enable Headphone limiting to a maximum of 80% of output volume (limiting is off by default)

  • Fuse-IP enhancements and improvements, including an “Inactivity” time out - the Fuse-IP connection will be terminated if it has not been used for a connection in the specified time.

  • Improved virtual keyboard responsiveness

  • Added Audio Routes (POTS and ISDN), Analog POTS dial, and “sessionless IP“ to the Dialer menu

  • Improved handling of identical Wi-Fi SSIDs

  • Numerous other stability and workflow improvements