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Summary of ViA Codec Firmware Release Notes

Release note updates from firmware v.2.16.46 (20 Dec. 2016) to firmware v.2.16.50 (24/04/2017)

  • Added support for the Pantech UML295 external USB modem.

  • Improvements to alarm tone notifications to ensure reliable streaming at low battery levels.

Release note updates from initial release firmware v.2.16.38 (Nov 2016) to firmware v.2.16.46 (20 Dec. 2016)

This is the first official update of firmware for the ViA Portable Remote Codec.

  • Web GUI version

  • Inclusion of POTS and ISDN Answering Touch screen configuration and enhancements to HTML5 Toolbox web-GUI configuration of answering.

  • Support for configuring SIP “Public IP” field to allow SIP dialing from behind a firewall.

  • Support for changing analog input scale type to either dBU or dBFS.

  • Support for the AC340U modem on the AT&T network

  • Ability for individual users to configure Headphone mix settings

  • Option added to enable Headphone limiting to a maximum of 80% of output volume (limiting is off by default)

  • Fuse-IP enhancements and improvements, including an “Inactivity” time out - the Fuse-IP connection will be terminated if it has not been used for a connection in the specified time.

  • Improved virtual keyboard responsiveness

  • Added Audio Routes (POTS and ISDN), Analog POTS dial, and “sessionless IP“ to the Dialer menu

  • Improved handling of identical Wi-Fi SSIDs

  • Numerous other stability and workflow improvements