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ViA Firmware Downloads

To perform a firmware upgrade of your ViA codec:

  1. Download the latest firmware to your PC from the link in the table below.

  2. Connect your codec to your PC in order to open the Toolbox web-GUI for your codec.

The Java or HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI can be used to perform the firmware upgrade from within the Settings panel. (This process has been tested using MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.)

Click to view a summary of ViA codec firmware release notes.

Upgrading Firmware

If you are connecting to your codec for the first time and upgrading firmware, click here for additional connection instructions.

  1. Attach an Ethernet cable to the LAN1 port on the ViA codec.

  2. Press the HOME button to return to the Home screen, then tap Settings.

  3. Tap to select Transport Interfaces and then tap LAN1 or LAN2.

  4. Tap to select Network Settings and view the IP address in your codec.

  5. Ensure your PC is connected to the same LAN.

  6. Open your web browser and type the IP address of your codec into the address bar of your browser, e.g. http://192.168.0.xxx (the last digits are the private address details unique to your codec over a private LAN).

  7. Refresh the browser and the Web-GUI landing page will display the various command and control options.

  8. When you open the Toolbox web-GUI an authentication dialog prompts you to enter a password to login. The first time you log in you can enter the default setting "password" and click the OK button.

  9. Click Settings at the top of the web-GUI screen if the Settings panel is not displayed.

  10. Click Firmware.

  11. Click Update from a selected file (then click the Select File button if using the Java Toolbox Web-GUI) and navigate to the .bin file you have downloaded to perform the upgrade. Then click Open to start the upgrade in the HTML5 Java Toolbox Web-GUI.

  12. Press the Update Firmware button to commence the upgrade if using the Java Toolbox Web-GUI. 

  13. The codec will reboot automatically after the firmware upgrade. DO NOT remove power or reboot the codec before the update has completed and the codec has rebooted itself.


Current Firmware Version

Release Date 


TLF5300 ViA Firmware v2.18.76 99.4 MB download

(Click the link to open MediaFire, then download and save the .bin file to your computer)