Tieline Technologies

Report-IT Enterprise Release v3.2.5

Important: If you have any important recordings, ensure you either FTP, export them to Report-IT Live, or perform an iTunes backup of your iOS device prior to installing this upgrade.

Report-IT Enterprise v3.2.5 Release Notes

  • iPhone 5 resolution support 
  • Support for streaming using Opus codec (requires Merlin/Genie firmware 2.4.x or greater) 
  • Integrates with Nétia iSnippet App for editing 
  • Support for recorded audio and metadata ingest by Nétia Radio-Assist# 
  • Support for alternate connections when using a Merlin and Merlin Plus codec 
  • Improved screens and workflows for accessing and managing recordings 
  • Improved icons and graphics 
  • Support for Spanish, Portuguese & Norwegian localizations 
  • Supports opening (and automatic import) of audio files from other Apps 
  • Supports user selectable monitoring of input 
  • Utilizes iOS location services to store location/city of recordings 

#Note. The Autofill component of Nétia Radio-Assist requires the addition of a mapping file before this feature can be used by Report-IT EE. This is available directly from Nétia. Please contact your local Nétia agent to obtain it.