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How to upgrade G3 codec firmware

IMPORTANT: We recommend you use either a LAN or serial connection when using ToolBox software with operating systems other than XP. Please read http://www.tieline.com/Support/toolbox-G3 before attempting to connect ToolBox via USB.

  1. Warning: Please remove all 4G, 3G and USB Modules from the codec prior to upgrading. Reinsert modules when power has been disconnected from the codec following the Factory Reset procedure below.

  2. If you have custom profile settings on your codec that you want to retain, please save these configuration files to your PC using Toolbox software prior to upgrading your codec; they will not survive a firmware upgrade! (Click to download instructions for loading and saving configuration profiles).

  3. Click to download instructions on how to connect your codec to Toolbox Software and upgrade codec firmware.

  4. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, it may be necessary to check the Country setting (Menu > Configuration > System Settings > Country) to ensure correct POTS operation. Please note inputs levels and other customised settings will revert to their default values during a factory reset and may need to be reconfigured.

At the conclusion of the firmware upgrade you must perform the Factory Reset procedure as follows to ensure stable codec operation.

  1. Select: Menu > Reset Functions > Set Sys Defaults > All Profiles > Yes

  2. Wait 10 seconds

  3. Select: Menu > Reset Functions > Reboot System