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G3 Codec Release Notes

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between  v1.6.142 and v1.6.144 RPTP 106 (Released 2nd June, 2017)

  • Fixed an issue with auto-reconnect on power-up not working with the 4G LTE module.

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between v1.6.128 and v1.6.142 RPTP 106 (Released 13th April, 2017)

  • Support for a new MAC address range.
  • Allow free text entry into a phonebook number to support alphaanumeric SIP account names. DNS is not supported.
  • New Tieline Toolbox v4.14.70 Rptp 106 supports this firmware.

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between v1.6.122 and v1.6.128 RPTP 106 (Released 9th October, 2015)

  • Improvements to 4G-LTE to stop network connectivity being unavailable in some situations.
  • Added support for 96kbps X.21 connections.

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between v1.6.114 and v1.6.122 RPTP 106 (Released 21st Jan, 2015)

  • LCD screen improvements that now display which network band is currently in use, e.g. 3G or 4G.
  • Support for MPEG 1 Layer 2 and SIP connections over wireless network connections.
  • Support for a range of new access points around the world, including the following:
    • Orangenet (Dominican Republic)
    • Orange (Dominica)
    • Viva (Dominican Republic)
    • Claro 3G (Panama)
    • Claro WAP(Panama)
    • Movistar (Panama)
    • Digicel 3G (Panama)
    • Digicel WAP (Panama)
    • Verizon Static IP (for different geographical areas) (US)
    • AT&T I2 GOLD (static IP) 3G (US)
    • Etisalat (Nigeria)
    • Airtel (Nigeria)
    • TMobile 4G (Croatia)
    • TMobile 3G (Croatia)
    • TMobile GPRS (Croatia)
    • Telia (Denmark)
    • Three (Denmark)
    • Telenor (Denmark)
    • TDC (Denmark)

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between R1.6.106 and R1.6.114

  • Access point updates:
    • Added Telus Static West (Canada)
    • Added AT&T Broadband (US)
    • Added DST (Brunei)
    • Added Tele (Greenland)
    • Added Alfa (Lebanon)
    • Removed 3 (Australia) as the network is no longer available
    • Updated Vodafone (Australia)
    • Renamed Amenia to Orange (Spain)
  • Added “Greenland” to the country list (related to APN above)
  • Added support for 96Kbps on X.21
  • Added the ability for users to force single TEI on US ISDN.
  • Added the ability for users to set the SIP session port via Tieline Toolbox.
  • Added the ability for users to light the soft key LEDs via function manager.
  • Fixed a bug where rejecting SIP calls would disconnect an active Tieline Session call.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a profile with different IP configuration would not take effect until after a reboot, e.g. changing from DHCP to Static IP.

The release also requires a new version of Tieline Toolbox (Version 4.14.58 RPTP 105) which can also be download from our website.

Release Notes and Summary of Changes Between R1.6.94 and R1.6.106

  • Fix for POTS voice hang-up issue
  • Fix for Verizon LTE issues

Release Notes and Summary of Changes between R1.6.90 and R1.6.94

Support for the new Tieline 3G module.

  • Added a plethora of global 3G access points for networks around the world

  • MData access point (global APN) added. This is the only difference between 1.6.92 and 1.6.94

Matching Toolbox

  • Check wireless network access points after upgrading and ensure you are using the latest version of Toolbox with this firmware upgrade.
  • Version 4.14.54 Rptp 104

Summary of Changes between R1.6.86 and R1.6.90

  • Support for the MC5727 Sierra Wireless 3G module

  • Minor change to support some Telco's reporting of the 3G connection rate (originally tested as beta 1.6.59 rptp 102)

Matching Toolbox

  • Version 4.14.50 Rptp 104

Summary of Changes between R1.6.82 and R1.6.86

  • Support for CMS integration for the TLR300 and TLR300B.

Matching Toolbox

  • Version 4.14.50 Rptp 104

Summary of Changes between R1.6.72 and R1.6.82

  • Fixed race condition between old and new session data when talking between G3 codecs over a very slow link (Al Deacon's issue).

  • Fixed bug in new MAC address range.

  • Fixed issue with central codec answering in dual program profile overriding incoming requested channels. Need to support dual program with Report-It on guaranteed channel allocation.

Matching Toolbox

  • Version 4.14.50 Rptp 104

Release Notes for Tieline G3 Firmware v.1.6.72 RPTP 104

From the 31st March 2011 Tieline has discontinued support for the Voice G3 algorithm. As a result it has been omitted from this v.1.6.72 firmware release and all codecs purchased after this date. Codecs with firmware v.1.6.72 or higher can connect to G3 codecs running older firmware versions, but will have to use an algorithm other than Voice G3. Voice G3 is usually used for low-bitrate connections over GSM and POTS. We recommend using Tieline Music as a substitute for these low bit-rate connections.

  1. It is now possible to configure a ‘Hangup Profile’ in G3 codecs. This means a codec can receive calls from other codecs that change its existing connection profile, and then the codec receiving the call will automatically return to the preprogrammed Hangup Profile after disconnection. Program this via [Menu] > [Configuration] > [Advanced] > [Hangup Profile] and select the profile.
  2. A new version of Toolbox v.4.14.48 is now available on the firmware download page to support firmware release v.1.6.72.
  3. TLR300B2 codecs now support 256Kbps MP2 J-Stereo connections at 32KHz and 48KHz sampling over IP and X.21.
  4. References to “RAW” uncompressed data are now renamed “PCM” in G3 codecs for consistency with new Tieline codecs.
  5. Telstra 3G Wireless Access Points have been renamed for Australian customers.

Previous Name

New Name

Telstra per MB

Telstra datapk

Telstra Timed

Telstra PC Pack

Telstra Per KB

Telstra internt

Other access points have been added for Australia and Canada.


New Access Point Number


Telstra extrant




Telus (SP)



Summary of Changes between R1.6.54 and R1.6.56

  • Support for the Report-IT app for iPhone

Matching Toolbox

  • Version 4.14.40 Rptp 102

Summary of Changes between R1.6.52 and R1.6.54

  • Minor change to fix up issue with only 1 decoder for stereo profiles

Matching Toolbox

  • Version 4.14.38 Rptp 102

Summary of Changes between R1.6.46 and R1.6.48

  • Fix for POTS G3 cross-talk on port 2 of some TLR300

  • Fix for 3G module becoming unstable on removal of aerial

  • Added support for frames per packet in RTP.

Matching Toolbox

  • V41434Rptp102