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G3 Firmware Downloads

G3 Firmware 

From time to time it may be necessary for you to update the firmware on your codec. See below for the latest firmware versions for our G3 range of codecs.

i-Mix G3 (TLM600) 1.6.144 Rptp 106

Download (2.1MB) (Compressed ZIP file)

Download (5.3MB) (Uncompressed file)

Commander G3 Field (TLF300) 1.6.144 Rptp 106

Download (2.1MB) (Compressed ZIP file)

Download (5.1MB) (Uncompressed file)

Commander G3 Rack (TLR300B2) 1.6.144 Rptp 106

Download (2.1 MB) (Compressed ZIP file)

Download (5.2MB) (Uncompressed file)

Commander G3 Legacy (TLR300) 1.6.144 Rptp 106 Request from Tieline
(Serial Number Required)


ToolBox Software

G3 Toolbox software lets you configure Tieline G3 codecs before and during field deployment. It is a PC compatible software application that works with Commander and i-Mix G3 codecs, providing a convenient way to configure, remotely operate and monitor codec functions.

Important Note: Your ToolBox RPTP version must match the codec firmware RPTP version.

See below for the latest ToolBox version

Download (618 KB) (Compressed ZIP file)

Download (2.2 MB) (Uncompressed file)

4.14.70 rptp 106

Commander G3 Software Codec Controller

The TLG3 GUI Codec Controller can be used to control the functions of TLR300B rack unit codecs and legacy 1RU rack mount codecs. Once the Codec Controller is installed on a PC and it is connected to your codec, it can control all normal codec functions.
Download (74.7 MB)


If you require more help please visit our support documentation page for detailed user manuals, quickstart guides and tech notes on all our Tieline products.