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Current G3 Firmware Versions

All G3 Firmware versions, ToolBox software versions and USB Drivers can be downloaded directly from the links on this page.

IMPORTANT: We recommend you use either a LAN or serial connection when using ToolBox software with operating systems other than XP. Please read http://www.tieline.com/Support/toolbox-G3 before attempting to connect ToolBox via USB.

Please see the chart below to find the complete list of the latest software versions for all current G3 codec models and read the following instructions prior to upgrading:

  1. Warning: Please remove all 3G and USB Modules from the codec prior to upgrading and return them to the codec when the power is disconnected from the codec following the Factory Reset procedure.

  2. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, it may be necessary to check the Country setting (Menu > Configuration > System Settings > Country) to ensure correct POTS operation and please be aware the inputs levels and any other customised settings will revert to their default values and will need to be reset.

  3. If you have custom profile settings on your codec that you want to retain, please save these configuration files to your PC using Toolbox software prior to upgrading your codec; they will not survive a firmware upgrade! (Click to download instructions for loading and saving configuration profiles)

At the conclusion of the firmware upgrade you must perform the Factory Reset procedure as follows to ensure stable codec operation.

  1. Select: Menu > Reset Functions > Set Sys Defaults > All Profiles > Yes

  2. Wait 10 seconds

  3. Select: Menu > Reset Functions > Reboot System

Click to download instructions on how to connect your codec to Toolbox Software and upgrade codec firmware.

Click here to view the release notes for Tieline G3 codec firmware

If required, click here to download the IP and 3G IP Internet Streaming Reference Manual and Tieline IP Data Usage Calculator.

If required, click here to view all support documentation for all Tieline products.

G3 Firmware and Toolbox Software Downloads:

The latest G3 firmware versions (from 1.6.56 Rptp 102 onwards) support IP connections to Tieline's Report-IT Live iPhone application (all versions).

To determine what firmware you have installed on your codec, or what version of Toolbox you are running, please click here to go to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Important Note: Please ensure that the RPTP ToolBox version you are using matches the Firmware RPTP version shown in the table below.

Model  Current Firmware Version Release Date ToolBox Version  Release Date
i-Mix G3 (TLM600)

 1.6.114 Rptp 105


Download Button Small

4.14.58 Rptp 105

 Commander G3 Field (TLF300)

 1.6.114 Rptp 105


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4.14.58 Rptp 105
 Commander G3 Rack (TLR300B or TLR350) 1.6.114 Rptp 105 28-Jan-14

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4.14.58 Rptp 105
 Commander G3 Software Codec Controller (TLG3GUI)


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(zip 74.6 MB)


If you require a Codec Firmware upgrade for the TLR300 Commander G3 (Legacy 1RU rack), please click here to submit a Software Upgrade Request Form

Additional Settings for Dual Mono G3 Codec Connections to Report-IT Users

How to configure a G3 audio codec for dual mono connections (discrete channels) between two Report-IT users (v.1.6.86 firmware and higher).

Click to read the Report-IT Enterprise Edition v.3.0.7 release notes and configuration guide for programming dual mono Report-IT connections to a G3 Tieline codec.

Previous G3 Models


 G3 Firmware Version

ToolBox Version 


Commander G3 Studio TLR300

v1.6.106 Rptp 104

4.14.58 Rptp 105

 Please ensure the RPTP version of the Firmware and ToolBox you are using match

G3 USB Driver Download and Installation instructions

Click here to download the G3 codec USB Drivers 

Click here to download the G3 USB Driver installation instructions

Previous ToolBox versions for all G3 codec Models

ToolBox Version Release Date Matching Codec Firmware
4.14.54 Rptp 104 3-11-2011 1.6.106 Rptp 104
4.14.50 Rptp 104 -- 1.6.90 Rptp 104
4.14.48 Rptp 104 5-May-11 1.6.72 Rptp 104
4.14.40 Rptp 102 2nd Feb 2010 1.6.56 Rptp 102
 4.14.36 RPTP 102  --  1.6.54 RPTP 102
 4.14.34 RPTP102  27th Feb 2009  1.6.48 RPTP102
 4.14.32 RPTP 102  8th Aug 2008  1.6.36 RPTP102
 4.14.30 RPTP 101  3rd June 2008  1.6.26 RPTP101
 4.14.12 RPTP 100  25th Jan 2008  1.6.10 RPTP100
 4.12.38 RPTP 91    
 4.12.24 RPTP 89    
 4.10.02 RPTP 81    
 4.08.04 RPTP 78    

FAQ's for this page

How do I tell which firmware version is installed on my codec?

  1. Regardless if you have a new G3 codec or an older G1 legacy codec, simply navigate to [Menu] > [Unit Details].
  2. Scroll through the LCD display to view the current firmware/software versions installed on your codec. 

  3. Please compare the software version displayed on your codec's LCD display to the chart above to see if your unit is out of date and requires an upgrade. 

How can I tell what ToolBox version I'm running?

  1. For all ToolBox versions (excluding the Commander and Patriot G1 models) simply navigate to Help > about... to display the software version.

  2. Compare the software version with the chart above to establish if you need to upgrade your ToolBox software.

  3. Click the latest Toolbox version number in the table above to download the zipped Toolbox.

ToolBox 4.14.34 RPTP102 (612.79 KB zip)
USB Driver (239.86 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.14.32 RPTP102 (626.18 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.14.30 RPTP 101 (1011.54 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.14.12 RPTP 100 (613.42 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.12.38 RPTP 91 (568.5 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.12.24 RPTP 89 (563.55 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.10.02 RPTP 81 (555.43 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.08.04 RPTP 78 (521.46 KB zip)
Tieline ToolBox 4.14.36 Rptp 102 (613.75 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.14.40 Rptp 102 (615.91 KB zip)
Toolbox version is 4.14.48 Rptp 104 (615.42 KB zip)
ToolBox v41450Rptp104 (615.26 KB zip)
ToolBox 4.14.54 Rptp 104 (616.84 KB zip)