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Upgrade from v2.xx.xx Firmware to a More Recent v2.xx.xx Version

IMPORTANT: This procedure is only valid when upgrading from v.2.xx.xx firmware to a newer version of v.2.xx.xx firmware. If you need to upgrade from v.1.xx.xx firmware to v.2.xx.xx firmware please use the installer tool available here.

To perform a firmware upgrade of your codec from v2.xx.xx to a more recent v2.xx.xx version, you need to:

  • Use the link at the bottom of this page to download the latest firmware to your PC.

  • Connect your codec to your PC in order to open the Toolbox web-GUI for your codec. The web-GUI is used to perform the firmware upgrade from within the Settings.

Upgrading Firmware

Note: Java will need to be installed on your computer prior to connecting. To upgrade your unit:

  1. Connect to the Toolbox web-GUI by opening a web browser and typing the codec IP (or USB) Address into the browser. Note: To find the IP (or USB) address of the unit select Settings > Unit via the LCD screen.

  2. Once connected, click on the Settings button at the top of the page to open the Settings panel.

  3. Click on Firmware in the Settings panel.

  4. Click to select the radio button next to Update from a selected file and the click the Select File button.

  5. An Open dialog box will launch.  Navigate to the location where you previously saved the ".bin" file to select it and click Open.

  6. The .bin file will appear next to the Select File button in the web-GUI.

  7. Click the Update Firmware button. Note: the web-GUI will ask you for a password and the default password is password.

  8. At the completion of the upgrade, the codec will reboot and the new firmware version will be listed in the Unit menu option accessed via Settings > Unit > Version.

  9. The firmware version can also be verified on the web-GUI Help panel by clicking the Help button at the top of the web-GUI screen.

Current Firmware Version

Release Date 

Firmware v2.18.76

(Please Right click the link above and select "save link as..")

Note: the default web-GUI password is password

Customers experiencing Java issues accessing the web GUI can download a standalone non-browser GUI application. Read here for more.