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Current Bridge-IT Firmware Version

IMPORTANT - Read about the two ways to upgrade your codec, depending on which firmware version you have installed:

  1. If you currently have v.1.xx.xx firmware in your codec, please continue to read the information on this page and learn how to upgrade to the new features in v2.xx.xx.

  2. If you have already upgraded to v.2.xx.xx firmware and want to upgrade to a newer version of v.2.xx.xx, please click here.

Current Firmware Version  v2.18.92 12th June 2019
Note: the default web-GUI password is password

Bridge-IT Features in v2.14.xx Firmware Upgrade…

The v2.14.xx firmware release is a significant upgrade to Bridge-IT codec functionality. It includes a range of new features and enhancements, which improve codec configuration and control, including:

  • A significantly improved web-graphical user interface with new features.

  • The Opus algorithm as standard.

  • AAC-LD and AAC-ELD in the AAC license pack.

  • AES input monitoring.

  • Data support for connections with Commander and i-Mix G3 codecs.

  • Support for sessionless IP connections.

  • 3 levels of user lock functionality.

Please click here to see the firmware release notes for this update.

Performing a Bridge-IT Upgrade from v1.xx.xx to v2.14.xx Firmware

A special firmware upgrade installer needs to be downloaded to upgrade Bridge-IT codecs from v.1.xx to v.2.xx.xx.

Click here for further instructions on how to upgrade your codec.

Click the video below to view an overview of the changes in this upgrade.

Installing Licence Files into Bridge-IT IP Codecs

Options such as AAC, apt-X Enhanced audio coding, multicasting/multi-unicasting and the extended product warranty are provided to Bridge-IT customers via licence files.

If you want to install licence files into your Bridge-IT codec, click How do I install licence files in my Bridge-IT codec? for more information.

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