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Welcome to the Tieline Technology Frequently Asked Questions page for all Tieline G1, G3 and G5 audio codecs. The most popular FAQs are listed first, followed by the FAQs for G5, G3 and Legacy G1 products, or you can search by connection transport (IP, ISDN, POTS) to make it easy to search your topic of enquiry.

Getting Started

  1. Most codec problems can be solved by simply upgrading your codec to the latest firmware version available. Click here to download the latest firmware for your codec.
  2. After the firmware upgrade try to dial one of our test codecs:
  • Click here for IP codec test numbers and details on the default ports used by Tieline codecs. If you can connect to a Tieline test codec over IP but not your own codec, it is highly likely that you have a firewall port forwarding issue that needs resolving. Visit www.portforward.com and follow the instructions to download their port checking application and test if check your IP ports are open.
  • Dial +1 (317) 913-6911 for POTS testing.
Most Popular
  1. Read how to set up a wireless 3G connection. Or, click here to watch the video.
  2. 10 simple steps for configuring a Tieline Commander or i-Mix G3 codec connection.
  3. What do I need to consider when programming an IP address in my studio codec?
  4. The complete quick start guide for configuring IP connections over wired LANS and wireless IP.
  5. Tips for obtaining the most reliable wireless IP connections.
  6. Troubleshooting wireless IP connections.
  7. How do I set up a one-touch 3G wireless IP connection?
  8. How can I avoid drop-outs over IP connections?

1. Bridge-IT G5 Codec FAQs

1a. Report-IT Live iPhone App FAQs

------------ iPhone with Report-IT

Front and Back of Bridge-IT IP audio codec

2. FAQs for Commander and i-Mix G3 codecs

------------ Commander G3 Field Unit IP audio codec

------------ i-Mix G3 IP audio codec

------------ Commander G3 Rack Mount IP Codec - 2RU

3. FAQs for Legacy Commander G1, i-Mix G1 and Patriot codecs

------------ Patriot G1 audio codec

------------ i-Mix G1 audio codec

------------ Commander G1 audio codec

--------- Commander G1 Rack Mount audio codec

4. IP & Wireless IP Related FAQs   

5. POTS Related FAQs   

6. ISDN Related FAQs

7. Miscellaneous Technical FAQs


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