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Safe, Secure Programming and Simple to Connect...

  ------------ Enterprise for Android - How it works

Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack for Android is so simple to use it's child's play!

  1. Users download the FREE Enterprise for Android app from Google Play and use the unique login provided by the studio administrator to automatically log in to TieServer and download all settings for connecting to Tieline studio codecs or file servers.

  2. Users simply open the app, enter the password and hit 'Connect' to go live to the studio in a snap - it doesn't get any simpler than that! Record automatically and FTP reports after interviews at the touch of a single button!

  3. Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack is simple for users to connect and significantly enhances IP network security by never exposing the IP address details of studio codecs to reporters, announcers and contributors in the field.

  4. Studio Engineers can use the TieServer PC web-GUI management console to remotely create unique login accounts and define specific connection settings for each user. Reporters, announcers and remote talent don't even need to program Report-IT to use it!

    Read how NPR has implemented Report-IT to manage hundreds of remote sources across its network

How do I Buy Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack?

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Contact Tieline or your favorite dealer for pricing and details on how to purchase a Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack annual subscription. Each Report-IT 50/100 Pack includes 50 or 100  user licences respectively, and oe Tieline TieServer administrator licence for configuring each user login account. Your TieServer administrator license lets you program connections directly using the simple web-browser Graphical User Interface or the TieServer Console app (Android or iOS versions).


Can I trial Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack right now?

Absolutely... Tieline can arrange a demonstration administrator login for you to trial how simple it is to manage your entire network; contact us on sales@tieline.com or visit http://www.tieline.com/register/ to register.


What do I need to connect Report-IT to the studio?

If you purchase Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack you will need a Tieline codec (e.g. Tieline Bridge-IT,  Commander G3 FieldCommander G3 Studio or Merlin or Merlin PLUS codec) in the studio to broadcast live from your network's devices .

If you are trialling Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Pack you can automatically connect directly to a Tieline demo IP codec, which has been programmed into your demo account. Alternatively, if you already own a Tieline codec you can apply to have the serial number added into a demo login account. We’ll email you the latest free software upgrade for your Tieline codec when you register to use Report-IT.

Click here if you would like one of our friendly team members to contact you and organize a free demo of a Tieline hardware codec. 

Note: TieServer only manages connection settings and all broadcast connections are made directly between the phone and studio codec.


Can I transfer a TieServer Login License to a Different Phone?

Report-IT Enterprise 50/100 Packs are designed for installation on 50 or 100 individual devices per year and these licenses are not transferrable to different phones.

Each time you renew your annual subscription you will receive an additional 50 or 100 licenses depending on which Enterprise pack you have purchased. These new annual licenses are in addition to the existing licenses you have purchased, which can also remain in use.

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