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Tieline specializes in delivering reliable, low delay broadcast quality audio over low bit-rate telecommunications networks. All Tieline codecs offer a suite of algorithms to suit all your live broadcasting requirements including Tieline's famous Music, MusicPLUS and Voice G3 algorithms - as well as industry standards such as G.711, G.722 and MPEG Layer II. Many other industry standard algorithms like AAC Low Delay and MPEG are unable to perform without a minimum of 64kbps for high quality mono connections and 128kbps for stereo. Tieline's proprietary Music and MusicPLUS algorithms provide high quality audio at lower bit-rates with better quality audio and the same encode delay as AAC Low Delay. Tieline Music can even provide high quality audio with lower encode delay than AAC-ELD.

Through innovative technology, Tieline provides the most cost effective and flexible way of delivering live audio over your choice of IP, 3G or 3.5G cell-phone networks, POTS/PSTN phone lines, GSM, ISDN, satellite or X.21 networks.

Tieline MusicPLUS

Tieline's MusicPLUS algorithm is highly loss-tolerant over IP connections and uses advanced coding techniques to provide up to 20 kHz stereo audio quality with 20ms coding delay at bit rates as low as 96kbps - making it ideal for today's IP and 3G networks

Click here to hear a audio sample of MusicPLUS Mono @ 48 kbps (file size= 11,635 KB format= Zip file)

Click here to hear a audio sample of MusicPLUS Stereo @ 96 kbps (file size= 13,205 KB format= Zip file)

Click here to hear a audio sample of MusicPLUS Stereo @ 192 kbps (file size= 13,157 KB format= Zip file)

Tieline Music

Optimized for both music and voice quality content over low bit-rate connections, Tieline Music can deliver up to 15 kHz FM quality mono audio at bit-rates as low as 24kbps, with only 20 milliseconds encoding delay. Tieline Music is suitable for most telephone lines, Internet connections and even GSM HSCSD cell-phone connections.

Click here to hear a audio sample of Music Mono @ 26.4 kbps (file size= 1,562 KB format= Zip file)

Click here to hear a audio sample of Music Stereo @ 64 kbps (file size= 12,999 KB format= Zip file)

Tieline Voice G3

Tieline Voice G3 is optimized to deliver up to 7.5 kHz quality audio at bit-rates as low as 9.6 kbps. Its performance is enhanced at 14.4 kbps and 16.8 kbps and audio quality is comparable to G.722 at 64kbps over ISDN.

Click here to hear a audio sample of Voice G3 @ 16.8 kbps (file size= 1,580 KB format= Zip file)

Algorithm Comparison Table

   Music MusicPlus
MPEG-1 Layer II
Voice G3

 Minimum Bit-rate: Mono

 24kbps  48kbs  64kbps  64kbps  24kbps  9.6kbps  64kbps
 Audio Quality kHz
 15kHz  20 kHz  up to 10kHz  15kHz  15kHz  up to 7.5kHz  7kHz
 Encoding Delay
 20ms  20ms  48ms or higher  20ms  32ms  20ms  8ms


Hear the SmartStream Difference...

It is not unusual for wired internet connections to experience up to 3% packet loss, while wireless IP audio connections can experience10% or more! With SmartStream features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) and automated jitter buffering, Tieline IP audio codecs can withstand significant packet loss over wired and wireless IP connections and maintain continuous high quality audio. 

Click here to hear an example of a standard competing algorithm over IP with 1% packet loss
(file size= 12,696 KB format= Zip file)

Click here to listen to Tieline MusicPLUS over IP with 10% loss
(file size= 13,157 KB format= Zip file)

It is without doubt the benchmark technology for IP broadcasting excellence, combining superior network stability with uncompromising broadcast flexibility.

Tieline Codec Compatibility

Tieline codecs are the only ones to support compatibility with other brands of codecs over five different network types - IP, 3GIP, POTS, ISDN, and X.21. Over IP Tieline is compatible with all major brands of codecs that have implemented EBU specifications for interoperability over IP using SIP. As a member of the Audio-via-IP Experts Group, Tieline is compatible with fellow members Orban CRL, Mayah Communications and AETA, as well as Prodys, Telos, AEQ, AVT, and Digigram.

When connecting over ISDN and X.21, Tieline codecs are compatible with all major brands of codecs using the popular G.722 and MPEG algorithms. Tieline codecs are also compatible over POTS with Comrex Matrix, Access, Vector and Blue codecs.

This means that if you have a Tieline rack unit codec in your studio with a LAN connection attached and a POTS and ISDN module installed, you can accept calls from any ISDN codec, most IP codecs, most Comrex codecs and Tieline wireless 3G codecs - now that's compatible!

In fact, with a Tieline rack-mount codec in your studio you can connect to any brand over ISDN and IP, all Comrex codecs over POTS, and receive wireless 3G broadband and GSM connections from other Tieline codecs.

Tieline Enterprise vs Cell (1.97 MB zip)