Tieline Technologies

Wireless Uncompressed STL's Over IP

 J.D Davis

J.D. Davis With a Tieline Commander Rack Unit

The switch to HD Radio is on across the United States and a total of 956 stations or eight percent of the 12,000 commercial radio stations in the country now use the new format.

Lotus Broadcasting's IT Manager for Las Vegas, J.D. Davis, says "We are switching one FM station over right away to HD Radio and the other station will be switched next year". "We have been looking for a good, high-quality full-spectrum audio signal with no compression or filtering for our studio to transmitter link." Davis chose to test drive Tieline Technology's Commander G3 codec which provides uncompressed studio quality and ultra low delay audio over wired and wireless IP networks. The Commander G3 codec can also be configured for automatic failover to backup ISDN or POTS links.

Davis hooked Tielines up to each end of the STL transmission, and after some tweaking of the IP connection (Davis was using a two-foot dish from Orthogon Systems on each end, thus creating a legal FCC license-free frequency), he was ready to push audio through the Tielines.

"It was a nice solid signal and we tested it for two and half, three weeks straight," said Davis who experimented with a variety of "failure scenarios" such as power outages, trying to force the codecs to fail but the Tielines remained true during their trial.

After two weeks of testing Davis felt secure enough to put the Tieline transmission signal live on the air and the Commander codecs stood in as the STL for the FM stations.

"It worked flawlessly" said Davis. "I was really impressed with the audio quality and there was no delay."

"The audio quality was pristine and we were getting uncompressed PCMA with no frequency filtering," said Davis.

Davis said the link speed was about 3mb.

"We also like the remote control capability through the IP link."

Remote control allows the Tieline codec up on the mountain site to be adjusted without a trip out of the studio.

Lotus Broadcasting operates four radio stations in Las Vergas: KBAD-AM 920, KENO-AM 1460, KOMP-FM 92.3 and KXPT-FM 97.1 and is a subsidiary of Lotus Communications