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Report-IT Audio quality compared to regular Cell Phone Audio



Last Friday, I accompanied Cindy Rodriguez to the Anti-Mubarak demonstration in Times Square. Cindy reported live from the scene in a two way with Amy Eddings during ATC.

Cindy was simply using my Blackberry mobile phone.

I was standing in front of her with a RE50B connected into the headphone/mic IN of my Ipod Touch. The Ipod touch was used in tandem with a Verizon MiFi device(about the size of a credit card) which uses cell technology to create a small wifi network.

At the conclusion, the interview was sent to WNYC’s FTP server with the same technology. It took approximately 5 minutes.

The Tieline Report-IT Enterprise Edition is also available for iPhone which would not require a Verizon MiFi device.

Click here to listen to the audio comparison. (Note: The first half of the audio is from a regular cellphone and the second half uses Report-IT)


Wayne Shulmister

Senior Broadcast Engineer, WNYC Radio