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A Guaranteed Hole in One with Report-IT

A Guaranteed Hole in One with Report-IT

By Kevin Allen, Producer/Host, “Views from the Rough”

We’ve all heard of Kodak moments, those times in your life where a camera documents an event for posterity. As a professional, golf photographer, I’ve had many of these.  I’d also like to share a more recent experience, what I call my “codec moments”. 

  --- Kevin Allen with Report-IT
Kevin Allen, “Views from the Rough”, Interviews
Allen Wronowski, President of The PGA of America 
with Report-IT

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  In addition to my sports photography business, I also produce and host a weekly golf talk show, “Views from the Rough.”  My weekly program discusses everything golf, but not necessarily from my perspective. 

With close to 20 years in the game, and a professional sports career, I am on a first name basis with hundreds of professional athletes from every sport imaginable.  The common thread – they all like golf, and they love to talk about it – with me.

Views from the Rough differs from other golfing shows in that it is rich in first-person interviews, and this is where my “codec moments” come in.  As I travel and encounter golf pros both on and off the course, I had to make sure that I had my cassette recorder, mike, fresh cassettes and batteries, and headphones with me at all times. 

Field reporters know what I mean.  More than once, something would be missing.  I’d eventually get the interview, but all the equipment was a burden, and foul-ups were embarrassing.  I tinkered with pocket recorders, minidisk recorders, even the expensive digital recorders, but found each had their drawbacks. I kept thinking there had to be a better way - something simple, something compact, yet reliable.

Tieline Technology is a manufacturer of audio codecs. A codec changes audio into digital packets to be transmitted over a cellular or IP (internet) network. When received, the signal is converted back to audio with amazing quality as the result. 

Tieline codec equipment is used for covering sporting events all over the world. The equipment is housed in a metal case, simple to use, and is reliable and rugged. I’ve seen the equipment used for everything from Olympic and professional team game coverage to broadcasting the Little League. 

So where does my “codec moment” come in? Tieline has developed an application for the iPhone that turns the iPhone into an audio codec.  Called the Report-IT, this development is huge for field reporters like me. 

It means that the only equipment I have to carry is my iPhone. Apple developed the microphone used in the iPhone to have studio quality response. I press one button, and my iPhone is connected to my studio and I can feed broadcast quality audio. 

  --- Kevin Allen and with Kerry McCoy pro wrestler
Kevin Allen Interviewing Kerry McCoy,
Pro Wrestler, with Report-IT

The application also permits me to record and edit interviews, and then play back the selections of that interview as a part of my live report. I can also feed raw audio back to my FTP site, for editing when I’m back in the studio.

For anyone who has tried to interview a celebrity at a moment’s notice, the advantages of this new technology are obvious. Report-IT allows me to capture comments and intriguing conversations that would be missed while setting up a traditional recorder. Plus I’m not lugging ten pounds of equipment around 18 holes! 

Back at the club house or the media room, I don’t have to keep an eye on equipment, and my iPhone or my iPad, is ready to record those personal nuggets that make Views from the Rough so unique. I invite you to listen and judge for yourself.  Archived shows are found at www.viewsfromtherough.com. Click on “shows” along the top banner. If you’re a Station General Manager, Program Director and are interested in airing a Golf Talk show, Jim Nantz has called, Views from the Rough, “A Golf Show unlike any other”.

  --- Kevin Allen and Allen Wronowski 2

Contact me 443/838-8333 or golfphotog@gmail.com. For more information on Tieline’s Report-IT visit http://www.tieline.com/products/G5/Report-IT-Live email sales@tieline.com.