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Tieline Pioneers Live Mobile Reporting over 3G Networks

Tieline Pioneers pic

Tieline Technology has assisted ABC 720 radio in Perth to vastly improve the quality of live crosses into their breakfast and morning programs.

"The ABC were looking for a solution that was portable and better quality than their current setup in which interviews were conducted over a mobile phone," said Glynn Sherris, Tieline's Australasian Business Development Manager. "The flexibility of Tieline codecs and the broadband capabilities of 3G networks made it possible to configure a Commander codec into a simple, lightweight and portable rig that could be taken on the road by reporters."

"Reporters like the codec because it is easy to carry and not too heavy," said Sherris. "It is also very simple to use after just a short lesson. Connection settings and dialing details are preconfigured and stored in the codec, so all a reporter has to do is dial and connect to the studio and they are ready to go."

The ABC's portable codec uses a Tieline HSDPA plug-in module which accepts a standard Next G SIM card. "The codecs have been used very successfully to broadcast low delay, live audio from many different locations and some of them have been very challenging," said Sherris. "Recently the Commander was used to conduct a live interview on the new Mandurah to Perth train line when travelling at 130kmph. It has even been used to conduct an interview from the rigging of a replica 19th century sailing ship!"

Reporters normally connect a hand mic and two sets of headphones to the codec when on location. The codecs have been programmed to connect using a default profile, which sends low delay broadcast quality program to the studio. The studio codec also sends a high quality, low delay mix-minus feed to reporters and interviewees - for two-way chats with the studio.

"Using the broadband capabilities of 3G it is possible to perform high quality live OBs from an increasing variety of locations," said Sherris. "The possibilities are endless, wherever you can get a 3G signal these days it is likely that you can broadcast live."