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Tieline Delivers the Voice of Radio Maria

By Marco Cech, Audio Frequency Manager for the World Family of Radio Maria

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  Marco Cech, AF Manager, in the studio

Radio Maria is the official broadcast service of the World Family of Radio Maria, which was formed in 1998 to provide an international Catholic radio broadcasting service throughout the world.  There are 61 Radio Maria radio stations throughout the world in 55 countries and across 5 continents, including Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Global coordination and technical management of the Radio Maria network is a huge and multifaceted task. The management team is based in Rome, where a team of broadcast professionals are responsible for coordinating and supporting communication projects. Technology expertise includes RF satellite, FM, AM, DAB, DRM, DVB and AF for studio projects, new technologies and IT. AF, for which I am responsible, encompasses technological requirements for all IP connectivity, internet streaming and IT technologies generally.

--- Radio Maria story 2014aWe have Tieline codecs installed in all of our radio stations, so Radio Maria relies extensively on Tieline equipment each and every day. Tieline codecs are also used in more than 150 mobile studios to transmit mass live every day.

In fact, I calculated that in a single year we transmitted more than 100,000 hours of continuous live broadcasts throughout the world using a wide range of Tieline codecs, including Commander G3 rack and field codecs, i-Mix G3 codecs and Bridge-IT.

It is important that the codecs are flexible enough to allow us to connect over POTS, ISDN, IP, wireless 3G and 4G, BGAN Inmarsat and KA-SAT Tooway.  All of Radio Maria’s stations also stream live over the internet in real time.

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--- Radio Maria story 2014bThe directors of the 61 Radio Maria stations are all priests of the Catholic Church and Radio Maria is heavily reliant on volunteering. We have approximately 20,000 Radio Maria volunteers serving approximately 30 million listeners worldwide.

Tieline codecs play an integral role in assisting the Radio Maria family and we have enjoyed a close relationship over many years. We continue to cooperate with Tieline and our extensive use of their codecs allows us to provide valuable feedback as a process of continual improvement.

We are very happy with the reliability and studio quality audio delivered by the equipment used throughout our extensive global network.