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Joe LaPorta is Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound in New York. He has been nominated twice for Grammy & Latin Grammy awards and is a TEC award winning engineer who joined the Sterling Sound team in 2013. This diverse background and knowledge of music has attracted a wide range of mastering clients from Billboard chart toppers to up-and-coming indie acts.

  --- Joe LaPorta

Joe LaPorta, Senior Mastering Engineer

at Sterling Sound

My story is a bit different to how most people would use Tieline codecs. I live outside New York City and was looking for a way to access my main computer when I wasn't able to get to the studio in a hurry. This was necessary because in the music mastering world I am often asked by a client to complete a project due to very time sensitive situations - which can occur for a variety of reasons. Because mastering is the final stage before duplication and distribution of an artist’s project, it's the mastering engineer's responsibility to cater to these strict deadlines.

My mastering rig is predominately all analog gear, so I always need to do my actual mastering processing in the studio. However, there are certain times when I need to remotely listen to my work while communicating with the client. Usually in situations where I need to make additional edits like spacings, fades and sequence changes. In addition, I need to be able to quickly provide finalized master parts like DDPs, MFiTs (Mastered for iTunes) and HD Wavs, once the client has approved the mastering and desperately needs to hand in their project to hit their release date.

The Tieline Genie STL codec has been crucial for me to achieve this remote access. I connect over IP from home and use the AES in/outs on the box to route audio at both ends. At home the codec is connected to a D/A converter for monitoring. The codec allows me to access files stored at the studio and listen to all of my projects that range in sample rates from standard 44.1kHz, up to high resolution 96kHz sampling.

The Genie STL is extremely easy to use and I can instantly start listening remotely with the simple click of one button. I can also monitor my connection at both ends of the IP link using Tieline’s Toolbox web-browser GUI and upload files through our personal server at Sterling as required.

The codec has saved me many rush trips back into the city and has led to a more satisfying experience for my clients, because I can help them outside of normal working hours and in urgent situations.

For more information on the Genie STL codec and other Tieline codecs visit http://www.tieline.com/products.

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