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Tieline Delivers Crystal Clear Sound for Kristal FM


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  Genie Distribution Codecs

Kristal FM recently installed 8 Tieline Genie Distribution codecs on Borneo Island in Brunei for permanent IP based studio-to-transmitter links. The upgrade was required to replace ageing E1 based infrastructure within the South East Asian nation.

Kristal FM broadcasts nationally across Brunei from two transmitter sites and a second FM channel called Quran FM is also broadcast by Kristal Media. Khalid Tusin, Kristal FM’s Manager of Technical Operations, explained that a key objective was to “upgrade their transmitter and antenna systems to improve reliability and performance, as well as introduce a comprehensive remote control and monitoring system.”

Singapore based Telesto Broadcast Solutions, the System Integrator for delivery of the entire project, recommended Genie Distribution codecs for encoding IP audio because of their high level of redundancy and fault tolerance.

“The network comprises a total of eight Tieline Genie Distribution codecs, with two at each transmitter site and four at the radio studios,” said Loan Hon Pheng, Telesto’s Project Manager. “There is a main and backup codec at each transmitter site and each encodes two separate stereo IP audio streams via dual Ethernet ports. With the parent Telco company DST Group supplying independent fibre routing to each site, multiple redundancy modes are available.”

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  Configuring the Codecs Onsite

Key factors in the decision included dual power supplies, multiple channels, flexible codec algorithms and the ability of the codec to seamlessly switch between two networks. Kristal FM was very impressed by the resilience and reliability of the codecs after extensive testing to simulate real-world network failures.

“Kristal FM was delighted with the smooth operation of Tieline’s SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming function,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “Genie Distribution can stream simultaneous redundant data streams from both Ethernet ports, delivering seamless redundancy by switching back and forth, without loss of audio, from the nominated primary data link to the backup link if one fails and then subsequently recovers.”


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  Transmitter Tower

The system has been installed and operating successfully since March 2014. Contact Charlie at gawley@tieline.com for more information.