Tieline Technologies

Rockin Remotes with the i-Mix G3

By Mike Capps, Director-Broadcasting, Round Rock Express, AAA affiliate of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Hello from Texas!

------ 4Eleven years ago, when the Round Rock Express Baseball Club made the jump from the AA Texas League and its eight clubs, to the 16 team, spread from Washington state to Tennessee Pacific Coast League, it also made a technical jump in terms of radio broadcast equipment.

Instead of POTS-only codecs, & seemingly nightly connection nightmares in the Texas League resulting from shaky phone connections, we upgraded to the much more reliable ISDN technology demanded in the Pacific Coast League.

Not knowing much about what type of codec would be needed, I consulted friends within the PCL, none of whom at that time used the unit I settled on, the Tieline i-Mix G3.

After speaking with my fellow broadcasters, and discovering their codec preferences, and examining those, I found them all wanting in various ways. What sold me on Tieline after talking to the experts in the Indianapolis home office, were the following:

  • Its operational simplicity
  • Its POTS backup capability (which, by the way, we have only had to use a handful of times throughout the eleven seasons we have used ISDN).
  • The ease in dealing with the manufacturers and engineers at Tieline who are extremely collegial
  • The final and perhaps the most important factor - its compact size, I can carry my G3 and stow it in the overhead compartment in any airplane. I place it in a small backpack, complete with headphones, microphones, and cabling. That’s antithetical to my counterparts who must ship their gear in airplane cargo holds due to the huge carrying cases those codecs demand. I simply did not want to put my gear through airline baggage loading acrobatics.

Now, we face the next challenge - moving away from ISDN technology to IP. Already, I have had my G3 retrofitted for IP and have ordered a new IP receive unit for our flagship radio station. I stuck with the G3 because, again, it features POTS backup, which I hope we will not have to use.

And finally, I have encouraged the other 15 broadcasters in our league to make the switch to the Tieline i-Mix G3.
Here’s hoping they do. They will not be disappointed.