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Report-IT Live Breathes New Life into Live IP Broadcasting


Easter is a time for reflection and for Andrew Story and his team at 107.9 Life FM in Adelaide it was also the culmination of planning for their inaugural IP audio broadcast of the national Awakening Easter celebration and city march.

Andrew Story with Report-IT Live

“We already own Tieline codecs and in the past all of our outside broadcasts have been performed over either PSTN analogue phone lines or ISDN,” said Andrew Story, Station Technician and Production Manager for 107.9 Life FM. “We had heard about Tieline’s Report-IT Live application for iPhone broadcasting and I really liked the sound of having the flexibility and portability that the iPhone offers for our live outside broadcasts.”

“I downloaded the Report-IT Live app from the iTunes App Store and immediately found the application easy to navigate,” Andrew said. “After getting our IT department to do a simple port forward to our studio codec, I put in one IP address, accepted the default values and was connected literally in 5 minutes!”

“I also found Tieline’s free IP Expert’s Guide very useful for finding some IP broadcast optimizing tips and used it to select the connection parameters that suited our broadcast environment.”

“We discovered that the Report-IT Live app has all the options required to connect to the studio and send high quality program audio and also send a high quality IFB feed back to the reporter or announcer at the OB site,” he said. “This allowed us to send a return feed to the OB from our on-air desk that included mix-minus program and talkback.”

“After experimenting with an OB mixer feeding into the iPhone input, we ended up just using the native iPhone microphone without attachments,” said Andrew. “The audio quality was very great, and far superior to a cell phone call, which would have been are only other fully portable option.  There’s also a plethora of interface options including Bluetooth headsets and line in/out docks to expand the broadcasting options of Report-IT Live. I am also looking forward to seeing the Tieline iPhone broadcast dock which will be available soon and will support professional XLR audio inputs and headphone outputs.”

“Our announcers Peter Court and Mark Hawke used iPhones with Report-IT Live on location and they interfaced with Helen Cooper in our Adelaide studio," he said. “They were free to join in with the events of the day including a march around the city while broadcasting live crosses and took their cues from the return IFB studio feed. We were on-air continuously for three hours and I was amazed at the audio quality using just a 24Kbps connection, thanks to Tieline’s Music algorithm.”

“We didn’t do any recording of the broadcast on the iPhone but the broadcast, record and FTP options and combinations for Report-IT Live look very easy to use and provide a huge range of applications,” Andrew said. “Even without a large data plan, you could be on the road, record your content then just drop past your local free Wi-Fi network to upload the files to the studio.”

“Even though this was our very first IP broadcast, overall I found the whole process of configuring the Tieline studio codec with the Report-IT Live iPhone App a complete breeze; the guys at Tieline along with their IP experts guide filled all the gaps in my intermediate I.T. knowledge.”

“Report-IT Live really opens up a huge range of potential broadcast ideas for effortlessly and affordability having a great sounding presence in the community and I would highly recommend it to radio broadcasters.”

Andrew Story, Audio Engineer, Life FM Adelaide