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Pat Maher A POTS link you can rely on

 Pat Maher

Pat Maher, Chief Engineer WLRFM and Beat 102-103

Waterford City, Ireland - Since its founding as Ireland's first city by the Vikings in 914 A.D. Waterford has been known as a city on the go.

Being located in the "hurling heartland" and all the other outdoor events such as soccer, poses a logistical challenge for WLRfm (95.1 and 97.5) Chief Engineer Pat Maher as his station is constantly doing remote broadcasts. His solution: utilize Tieline codecs including the i-Mix G3 in the field and the Commander G3 rack unit in the studio.

"At the local matches where we have commentators, we use the Tieline's for every single match and that includes hurling, Gaelic football and soccer as well," said Pat, who is also the chief engineer for WLRfm's sister station, Beat 102- 103, which broadcasts out of the same complex in Waterford.

The i-Mix G3 combines six essential live remote broadcast products into one box weighing just four pounds. "For the sports we have a commentator and a person doing analysis. We also have somebody down on the sideline and they use the talkback feed from the i-Mix to communicate with the announcers in the booth," said Pat.

One of the advantages of the Tieline codecs is that engineers can pre-configure the units before they go into the field. "The talent has very little to do with the codecs as we have them pretty well preconfigured for all events," said Pat.

While the i-Mix made its mark in sporting venues, it has wide applications at festivals and other public gatherings, especially with its PA function.

"We often use the Tieline when we broadcast from festivals or field days," said Pat. "The PA connected into the i-Mix works very well. Really the i-Mix is a one-stop shop, you get everything in one box. All you need to do is plug your PA into it."

Pat conducts all remotes over standard analogue telephone POTS lines. "We use POTS at the moment and sound is extremely reliable. We tried a lot of other codecs throughout the years and I have to admit that the Tieline is the most rugged when it comes to connecting," said Pat. "The Tieline takes a lot of problems out of the equation as you can rely on the link. Once you know your POTS line is good, you can rely on it and trust it. And we are very happy with the audio quality. Compared to other codecs, the Tieline's have the edge quality-wise. "

"We have seven remotes to do all in the next two weeks and we are taking the Tieline to six of them," said Pat.