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Off the Bench with Tieline at the Super Bowl


Crocmedia has made a habit of making a big splash since the company commenced broadcasting AFL games to regional radio stations in 2009.  “We are always looking to provide interesting and cutting edge programs and radio content for our listeners,” said George  Biagioni, Crocmedia’s IT Director.

“We have quite broadcast strong links with the US and our CEO Craig Hutchison asked me earlier this year if it would technically be possible to take our popular ‘Off the Bench’ radio show to New Orleans to cover the lead up to Super Bowl XLVII.”

“The request was at short notice, which presented some technical challenges, however after careful thought we concluded we could make it happen if we were able to obtain some additional equipment.”

  --- Croc Media Radio Row at Super Bowl
  Craig Hutchison on Radio Row at the Super Bowl with the i-Mix G3

“Crocmedia regularly uses Tieline’s i-Mix G3 and Commander G3 IP codecs for broadcasting sports like AFL football live into regional stations such as 3BA in Ballarat, 2AY in Albury and Edge FM in Wangaratta.”

“All our codecs were in use for the week leading up the Super Bowl, so I contacted Charlie Gawley at Tieline’s Perth office, to see if we could obtain a unit in the US at short notice,” said George. “Charlie was able to arrange for an i-Mix G3 IP codec to be shipped from Tieline’s US office in Indianapolis to New Orleans. Tieline also arranged for a technical operator from Entercom to assist in configuring the codec for our commentary team on the ground in New Orleans.”

“The i-Mix G3 was perfect because we needed the ability to connect over both ISDN and IP. From Tuesday to Thursday during the week before the game we broadcasted a 30 minute segment live to SEN in Melbourne each day and they connected to the i-Mix using their ISDN codec. These broadcasts covered the build-up to the Super Bowl.”

Then before the big game Crocmedia’s Off the Bench show went live over IP from ‘Radio Row’ for four hours straight! We ordered a 1Megabit DSL connection and used this to broadcast over IP to a Commander G3 codec at our South Yarra studio in Melbourne. Our announcers in New Orleans included Craig Hutchison, Liam Pickering and John Rothfield, aka Dr Turf!”

“We predominantly use IP for our live broadcasts because it is much cheaper than ISDN. We achieved a very solid connection between the US and Australia with very low latency. We also sent a mix-minus feed from our studio in Melbourne to our announcers for monitoring. This feed included talkback callers and there were no problems with delay or communicating generally over such large distances.”

“Radio Row at the Super Bowl is huge and makes you realise just how big the Super Bowl is as an event. Everything went very well and Tieline assisted greatly by providing their codec equipment at short notice. If I was asked would I do it again, I would say yes - absolutely!”

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