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Mackay Communications Successfully Test Tieline Codecs Via Satellite over both ISDN and IP Connections

 Shawn Ryan

 Shawn Ryan from, Mackay Communications

The crisp sounds of a jazz CD broadcast in Mackay Communication's North Carolina office was the end product of a successful test of Tieline codecs with a variety of satellite phone terminals.

In an effort to provide broadcasters with a one-stop, worldwide satellite communications solution, Mackay hooked up with Tieline Technology, a leading provider of high-quality remote broadcast digital audio codecs.

The Mackay team broadcasted between the two Tielines on the Inmarsat BGAN (Broadbank Global Area Network) system. It supports point to point telecommunications services on portable and semi-fixed land mobile platforms with low to medium gain non-tracking antennas providing bit rates in the range of 216 Kbps to 492 Kbps in downlink, and 72 Kbps to 492 Kbps in uplink, depending on type of terminal used.

Mackay tested the Tieline codecs by using different terminals, both the Hughes HNS9201 and the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700, and by connecting via ISDN and IP.

The smooth sounds of jazz was music to everybody's ears as it meant that the Tieline codecs were successful in connecting in three methods:

1) Connect Satellite to Landline, check audio received at Satellite, check audio received at Landline

2) Connect Landline to Satellite, check audio received at Satellite, check audio received at Landline

3) Connect Satellite to Satellite, check audio received at Satellite, check audio received at the other Satellite

"The codecs sounded great. My management was very, very impressed with the demos," said Grady Jeffreys, Technical Manager for Mackay.

The Tieline codecs originally caught Mackay's attention not just because of it's enhanced audio capability, but also it's ability to remotely control the settings on field units.

"The beauty of the Tieline codecs is that you can do more than just sendaudio. You can chat back and forth on the other channels," said Jeffreys who played around with text messaging and file transfers while in the testing phase with the Tieline codecs. "Our customers use the equipment for more than just a satellite phone as they send data back and forth from the terminals. If you take the Tieline codec, couple it with a microphone and a satellite terminal as small as a laptop that fits in a backpack a broadcaster has everything they need in the field."

With ISDN connections becoming harder to come by broadcasters are often forced to acquire monthly or yearly ISDN leases to utilize them effectively. Tieline's combined ISDN/IP and satellite solution now offers a new way to deal with these changing times.