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Live Program, Talkback and Comms in Santo Domingo

-Sergio Carlo is a creative thinker when it comes to radio broadcasting in Santo Domingo. He and his production team have ventured where no broadcaster has gone before in broadcasting their show throughout the Dominican Republic.


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Sergio is the co-owner and co-host of ‘cualestuversion?', a radio show on 102.1fm in Santo Domingo. He is a passionate radio broadcaster who has embraced IP technology in order to bring his listeners creative content with a different slant on life.

"We like to take the show on the road as much as possible and broadcast from different parts of the country," Sergio said. "This used to be quite a challenge in the early days when we used a laptop codec to send audio with very long delays."

Things got a whole lot easier when Sergio discovered the capabilities of Tieline's i-Mix G3 at a broadcast show in Miami. "It was music to my ears," Sergio said. "I was looking for an economical, high quality solution to make remote broadcasting a lot simpler - the I-Mix provided all the options we needed in a single portable unit."

Sergio purchased a five channel i-Mix G3 for taking out to remote broadcast sites and a Commander G3 for the studio. "There are a lot of other codec brands in the marketplace but Tieline codecs suited our needs perfectly," Sergio said. "The I-Mix provides great flexibility for the routing of audio signals, while at the same time providing reliable, high quality and portable communications."

All Tieline codecs are capable of connecting over POTS, ISDN, X.21, GSM, IP and 3GIP networks using interchangeable plug-in modules tailored to each connection transport. This means you can continue to connect to existing networks and infrastructure and transition into new technologies such as IP and 3GIP.

Sergio predominantly connects his codecs using a 3G or ADSL LAN connection when it is available. In the Dominican Republic both HSDPA and EV-DO cellular networks are available and Sergio uses the HSDPA network. He has also connected and broadcasted over a standard POTS telephone line using the on-board POTS modem inside every i-Mix codec.

"When we first started broadcasting with the Tieline codecs people sat up and said ‘gee that sounds great'," Sergio said. "It was amazing, it led to exponential growth in our sponsorship sales and the investment in the Tieline codecs has easily been paid for already."

"We recently did the first totally mobile live broadcast in the Dominican Republic," he said. "We were on-board an 18 wheeler truck operating totally wirelessly. We had the I-Mix in a van following the truck and we gave the announcers on the truck four UHF radio mics which we plugged into four codec inputs. Each announcer was also given a UHF in-ear receiver fed with program audio from one of the codec headphone outputs."

"We dialed over 3G to connect to the studio Commander codec which is attached to an ADSL connection," he said. "We sent high quality audio of the announcers to the studio over this connection and received a high quality audio mix-minus from the studio."

"It was extremely interactive with our audience," Sergio said. "We combined the mix-minus audio from the studio with the live announcers and fed this into two amplified speakers on the truck, so that people near the truck could hear the full broadcast. We also had gifts and giveaways from our sponsor and we even had people ringing in and saying ‘how do I get onto the truck?'"

"One of the great benefits of the i-Mix is the on-board phone coupler," he said. "During the broadcast we forwarded talkback calls from the studio to a GSM cell-phone, which we attached to the auxiliary input and output on the I-Mix," he added. "This allowed us to integrate callers into the show as well."

Sergio also hires the codecs out for remote broadcasts. "It sells itself really," he said. "People call me to improve the quality of their shows because if you are not using a Tieline codec on remotes the quality difference is quite noticeable."

In one of its toughest tests, Sergio used the codecs over an IP frame-relay system. "It was the first broadcast ever from the rural areas on the north-east coast of the Dominican Republic," Sergio said. "It was a good test for the codec and it connected with high scores."

Sergio connects using Tieline's latest version 1.6 software release, which provides a unique automatic jitter buffer over IP and 3GIP networks. This buffer adjusts automatically to allow for fluctuations in packet arrival times when broadcasting over packet-switched networks.

Sergio has more challenges in store for the Tieline codecs. "We are looking at providing them for artists to chat live while performing at two different concert venues," Sergio said. "We also have another plan to bring radio to the people with a mobile broadcast cabin, which will move around the Dominican Republic broadcasting an automotive radio show live using Tieline codecs."
"The codecs are simple to move from place-to-place and connect with over 3G and this has opened up a range of new broadcast possibilities for us," Sergio said. "Look at other codecs if you like, but I think you'll come to the same conclusion I did - when it comes to getting your money's worth, choose Tieline."

Tieline codecs that feature POTS, IP, 3GIP, SIP, ISDN, GSM and X.21 interoperability are on display at NAB2008 in the Radio Hall at Booth N8817, or they can be ordered for demonstration at any Tieline international office in the US, Switzerland, and Australia or from any listed Tieline dealer at www.tieline.com.


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