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Heritage FM Expands Audience with Tieline

--- Heritage FM 1“107.3 HFM is a community station covering the south-east metropolitan suburbs in Perth,” said John Bouwman, Heritage FM’s tech coordinator. “We try to get out as often as we can into the community to cover a diverse range of local community and sporting events.”

“One of the events from which we have broadcasted live is the Canning Show,” said John. “Each day the Show features stage performances, roaming entertainment and a large sideshow with games, rides and stalls of all kinds.”

“Our broadcast set up included a mixer, to which we attached three microphones for the announcers in our onsite ‘studio tent’,” he said. “A wireless mic was also connected to the mixer, which a roving reporter used to perform interviews with stall holders unable to get to our tent.”

“The output from the mixer was sent to a Tieline i-Mix G3 codec and we connected to the studio via a Vivid Wireless IP connection. A Tieline Commander G3 rack mount codec at the studio was connected to a standard ADSL connection to receive the IP audio signal. This was routed to our on-air mixer.”

--- Heritage FM 2“The live OB took place on Friday evening and on Saturday throughout the day and evening,” said John. “We also had an onsite PA system which was fed a mix of our announcers and the mix minus return feed of the studio output.  Throughout the show our announcer in the studio cross-faded to and from the OB site as required. He could also chat with us down the line off-air, to arrange timings for live crosses. We also connected a laptop and remotely accessed our studio playout system to announce upcoming songs etc.”

“The Tieline i-Mix and Commander G3 codecs were easy to use and the audio quality we were able to achieve was excellent; many listeners actually thought the interviews were conducted in the studio! I was also surprised that we only used 1.4GB of data on the internet modem, however we did not broadcast continuously on Friday and Saturday.”

--- Heritage FM 3“Community radio volunteers often have very little radio or technical knowledge, so the ability to quickly and effectively set up an OB without stress is a paramount consideration,” he said. “As an announcer, I had no prior knowledge of how to use a studio desk or codec. I received a few simple instructions from the staff at Tieline and that was all I needed to get started. This illustrates just how easy and quick the codec is to get on the air. I have used the equipment previously without a mixer, and the audio quality was also exceptional.”

“Tieline codecs deliver the ability to embrace and cover community events using a variety of low cost networks like IP and POTS/PSTN phone lines. I would highly recommend the equipment from Tieline for any community radio station which is essentially made up of volunteers.”