Tieline Technologies

FM Stereo Remote Broadcasts over Telephone lines

George Bisso

George Bisso used an i-Mix G3 to broadcast live from the Make-A-Wish Children's Radiothon.

Hilly terrain and bad phone lines. Both are a remote broadcast engineer's nightmare. Here's how one broadcasting company in Seattle used Tieline codecs to beat the two biggest challenges facing them.

Determined to find a better POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) codec years ago, George Bisso (Director of Engineering, Sandusky Broadcasting, Seattle), who read about our codecs in trade magazines and saw Tieline at the Las Vegas NAB, decided to take us up on our "free test drive" offer and ordered his Tieline demo kit, putting our codecs to the test.

"I came away so impressed with the Tieline that I'm convinced they will make a connection even over a barbed wire fence," said George.

George chose the i-Mix G3 codec for one of his biggest events, the Make- AWish Children's Radiothon, which raises money for terminally ill children. The i-Mix delivered FM stereo over standard analogue telephone lines as the station conducted interviews and played music directly from the event.

Describing it as "a rack's worth of equipment sitting in one box," George liked that the i-Mix can route any input to any output and will store 64 different settings for different remotes.

"It was amazing to hear 15 kHz stereo audio over the air and have it sound good from a codec connected to plain phone lines," said George. "The i- Mix G3 was easy to use and will certainly make our remote broadcasts easier."