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Dubai to Jordan – Live remote broadcasting over the internet


Taleen Kirresh broadcasting live between Dubai and Jordan from the comfort of her home

Two and a half years ago Rotana FM in Amman, Jordan was faced with a problem. Taleen Kirresh, the popular host of Jnoon in the Afternoon, was moving to Dubai to host the reality TV series Street Smarts. Both Taleen and the radio station wanted to continue her show but they wondered how this could be achieved when she was going to be based over 2000 km away.

Tieline Technology's incredibly flexible audio codec the Commander G3 came to the rescue with its ability to send high quality bidirectional stereo audio between any two locations around the globe. This can be achieved using a standard telephone line, ISDN, X.21, GSM, IP/ Internet or even over 3G cell-phone networks.

"I left Jordan to take on new challenges but I was excited about continuing my radio show from Dubai," she said.

Taleen now broadcasts live between Dubai and Amman by sending and receiving her audio "live" over her home broadband Internet connection.

"All I do is use my Tieline codec in Dubai to dial the IP address of the studio codec in Amman and I can hear perfect studio quality audio," Taleen said. "I send high quality audio back to them and it's amazing - it sounds like I am actually there broadcasting in Amman!"

For the first six months that Taleen was in Dubai she was on air every day. listeners in Jordan didn't even know that I was broadcasting from Dubai!", she said.

Callers to the show dial the studio in Amman and their audio is sent via the studio codec to Taleen's Commander codec. "There is virtually no delay," said Taleen, "It is just like having a phone conversation but the quality is so much better." Taleen's voice is transmitted with very low delay back to the studio codec and her voice is routed to callers to complete the two-way conversation.

Taleen has found the codecs quite simple to use. "I had never used a Tieline codec before but Rotana had been using them for other broadcasts," she said. "I find them very simple to operate and I would recommend them to anyone - even if you are not technical you can connect and use them quite easily."

"They are a real asset for Rotana and broadcasters in general," said Fouad B. Serhal, Tieline's authorized support and distribution partner for the Middle East. "Rotana FM also sells remote broadcasts to clients who wish to promote their shops, new products or promotional events," Fouad said. "This additional income stream is very valuable to broadcasters."

Even though Taleen lives in Dubai she is clearly a passionate Jordanian who enjoys the regular contact with her country through the medium of radio. "I love being united with Jordanians through my radio show," Taleen said. "The Tieline codec has solved so many problems and makes me feel so connected to Jordan - even though I am so far away."