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Denmark's Radionet Uncovers the Future of Broadcasting with Report-IT


  --- Henrik Poulsen with Report-IT 
 Henrik Poulsen with Report-IT

My name is Henrik Poulsen and I am the Technical Manager at Radionet A/S in Denmark and one of my roles is to scope and test new broadcast equipment. We have been happily using the Tieline i-mix G3 for remote broadcasts for about 18 months and use this for the most of our remote broadcasts which require multiple radio announcers.

We take the i-Mix G3 out to remote sites and usually connect over 3G wireless broadband network to send program audio to the studio and receive a mix-minus from the studio. We always mix the return program with the local live audio and send a mix to the PA on location. We believe this is important because remote broadcasts are just not the same without providing onsite PA for listeners. At the same time we use the i-Mix’s talkback facility for studio to announcer communications. This is a very important feature we use a lot.

While the i-Mix G3 is a simple and powerful device for performing remote broadcasts, it’s not the ideal solution for roving announcers and reporters when they need to do a quick report and are on the go a lot.  One of the problems is all the gear a reporter or announcer needs to carry. This can include the codec, a recorder, camera and even a way to update websites. Therefore we knew we needed to find a better solution and made a conscious decision (a dream at first), to explore the options available to perform all these tasks on a smart-phone platform.

Little did we know that Tieline Technology would show us the way into the future. We first heard about Tieline’s Report-IT Live iPhone application from our dealer in Denmark called Avit systems and we were blown away by the idea. It seemed incredible that one single application on the iPhone could be a device for live radio broadcasts, high fidelity audio recordings and also used as an FTP transfer device. Finally it was possible for one device to deliver a complete radio reporting solution!

We started testing the iPhone with Tieline’s first version of the app called Report-IT Live.  We found the quality in live mode (streaming audio at 64 Kbits) was just what we were looking for as a live reporting solution.

  --- Radionet Interviewing live with Report-IT
Radionet using Report-IT during an interview

We did the first live report using Report-IT Live during the same week that we finished our initial testing and it worked really well. The success of live reporting and the release of Tieline’s Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition of the application convinced us to provide the solution to all of our primetime radio hosts.

We decided to purchase the Enterprise Edition because of the flexibility it offers us. It’s a very easy way to setup user accounts and control all connection settings centrally from the studio. None of our radio hosts have had to do any programming to set up the application on their iPhones. We can control and tweak every setting and all our radio hosts or reporters have to do is enter a user name and password to connect.

We mostly use the 3G wireless broadband networks in Denmark because our coverage is excellent and reliable. We have 4 networks to choose from and they are all upgrading to higher capacity 4G (LTE) networks. As a result we hope to soon be regularly connecting at 128Kbps over wireless broadband.

Live reporting is just one way of getting the audio back to the studio with Report-IT. We have also been impressed by the way you can automatically program Report-IT to do a recording, and afterwards send it via FTP to the studio at the touch of a button.

It was very simple to set up an FTP account for Report-IT Live and we have configured the studio end to import Report-IT recordings into our Dalet system, which we use for media asset management. Our prime time radio hosts use Report-IT to send back reports via 3G wireless and it works very well.

Everything is very easy to program with Report-IT Live - from the codec IP address settings and FTP configuration, to the connection bit-rate and automatic upload of reports and much more. You set it once and forget it.

Our station is part of a large media house, where we have everything from newspaper to TV and of course radio stations. Today all our primetime radio hosts have an iPhone 4 with Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition installed and we are excited about how the app will assist us to deliver more efficient and faster news productions into the future.

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