Tieline Technologies

Broadcast quality Wireless Remotes over the GSM Cell Phone network

 Germany Plane

So what happens at a local radio station such as Radio MK in Germany, when you send out a reporter?

Well, to start off with, you dash off to the location with a handheld recorder to get some quotes.

Then you rush back to the studio, load them onto the digital editing system and edit it for broadcast. A lot of time is lost in doing this, but one thing you do know is that your original sound bytes are of excellent quality when they land on the listener's ear!

However, when it comes to hot news we have no choice but to use a cellular phone or (if you are the lucky son of a millionaire) a satellite telephone.

Regrettably the sound quality when using a cellular phone leaves much to be desired. So we decided to look around for possibilities to improve the GSM quality of our reports.

During our search Radio MK found the company Tieline Technology, through You/Com, who promised 7kHz audio over a GSM mobile phone connection using circuit switched data. We hardly could believe this and decided to try it out.

Tieline's reliable 7 kHz quality connection option over a standard GSM link (9600 Kb) convinced us that this was a remarkable improvement over the normal cell phone quality.

So we purchased a set of Tieline codecs. Even though it was a GSM connection, it was not recognised as such by our listeners. And they, after all, are our most important critics!

As time progressed Tieline worked with You/Com and ourselves to refine the HSCSD software, so that we are now working reliably with 15 kHz audio over the GSM network using HSCSD!

Tieline and You/Com in the Netherlands have been outstanding in their support to help us get this going. What more could you want? 7kHz audio at standard GSM tariffs! You don't need to be a millionaire's son after all.

Our editor calls it the "miracle unit". Already we have achieved the most unusual live recordings. We have done a 3-hour live transmission from a moving bus in Sauerland, which certainly has its geographical challenges.

Our live broadcast from a boat on the Rhine was flawless. We are very happy with our purchase of the Commander G3 units with the GSM module and are eagerly looking forward to our next mission impossible!