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Bridge-IT Delivers Low-cost Audio over IP News Feeds Round the Clock to Rhema FM…

99.7 Rhema FM in Newcastle is one of around 30 autonomous Rhema Community radio stations in Australia and they recently chose Tieline’s Bridge-IT IP codec as a low-cost solution for sending news feeds from Sydney to Newcastle, for insertion into their programming schedule.

   --- 2009 David Badcock-Bridge-IT
  David Badcock, Chief Engineer for Rhema FM in Newcastle, Australia

“We subscribe to 2GB’s news service and in the past have used a copper leased line to receive the news feed audio,” said David Badcock, Chief Engineer for Rhema FM in Newcastle. “With the shutdown of the leased line network, and the phasing out of ISDN, we were forced to find a new low-cost solution.”

“We were familiar with Tieline’s G3 range of codecs as we use an i-Mix G3 and Commander G3 rack unit to perform outside broadcasts over PSTN lines, wired IP and also for wireless 3G IP outside broadcasts,” he said. “When I first decided to look at low-cost codec options I was keen to try Tieline’s Bridge-IT stereo IP codec.”

“Bridge-IT really stands out from the other low-cost IP codecs,” he said. “Some of the key features that appeal to me are Bridge-IT’s broadcast quality XLR input and output connectors and the fact it has a screen and dialing keypad, so there is no need to program it using a PC. The screen is also useful to review connection statistics after dialing a connection.”

“We were one of the first broadcasters in Australia to buy Tieline’s new Bridge-IT IP codec and we couldn’t be happier,” he said. “It is installed in our Newcastle studio and we are connected to one of 2GB’s Tieline G3 rack mount codecs to receive our news feed.”

“We are continuously connected using the low-delay Tieline Music algorithm in mono at 48Kbps,” he said. "The incoming news feeds are inserted into our programming at regular intervals and the audio sounds great.”

“One of the best things is Tieline’s QoS Performance Engine software in the codec for automatically managing any fluctuations in network congestion across the internet ,” he said. “It’s quite amazing how Bridge-IT maintains a stable connection by adjusting automatically to IP network delay variations. We also use forward error correction in case some packets are lost over the network and this protects us from any audio artifacts or audio drop-outs.”

“At first I was a bit worried about the reliability of IP technology, but now that I have used IP for live outside broadcasts and news distribution, I have a great deal of confidence in the technology and it really is quite simple.”

“As a low-cost IP audio distribution solution I believe Bridge-IT is ideal,” said David. "We did look at using a satellite news service but the upfront equipment costs alone were over $10k in addition to ongoing subscription costs. When we compared this to the low-cost of using Bridge-IT using a standard data plan the cost benefits were too great to ignore.”

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