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AV Pro Records in Europe Puts Tieline i-Mix in a League of Champions


AV Pro Records is an Austrian provider of broadcast facilities whose main focus is on sports broadcasting.

“We cover a variety of sports such as football, alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and volleyball to name a few,” said Luciano Verzeri, Production Manager at AV Pro Records. “We recently covered the UEFA Champion’s League football games for all the European national broadcasters and for pay TV channels.”

“Throughout the Champion’s League we chose to use a Tieline i-Mix G3 as our main commentary unit and it was a great success,” he said. “Some of the biggest games we covered were the quarter final between Manchester United and AS Roma in Manchester and the final in Moscow between Manchester United and Chelsea. There was a huge build up to these games because of the significance of the Champion’s League as an event.”

“We had two main commentators plugged into the Tieline codec locally as well as a pitch reporter,” said Luciano. “Pitch reporters can send audio to the i-Mix and monitor IFB from it using wired or wireless links. We usually program the i-Mix so that an off-air coordinator can use one of the codec’s configurable softkeys for off-air communications with the pitch reporter.”

“We used a Tieline ISDN plug-in module to connect at 64kbps over a single ISDN B channel and send program audio,” he said. “Most of the time we connect to broadcasters using G.722 or MPEG 2 algorithms – it just depends on the country and what the broadcaster requests. Normally, we also send a feed from the codec to an SNG backup link.”

“Sometimes we use a POTS line as the backup or as the main connection if an ISDN line is not available,” said Luciano. “The flexibility of the codec also lets us use a POTS line for communications if it is required. I have also connected over a LAN using IP and it sounds great.”

“The i-Mix was one of my first purchases at AV Pro Records,” he said. “I had heard about the i-Mix and flew to Holland to take a first-hand look at it. Within 2 hours of seeing and playing with the codec I was on my way home to Austria with a pair of newly purchased Tieline codecs.”

“They are the most versatile and modern codec I have seen, particularly because it is not only a mixer but also because all routing is matrix-configurable,” he said. “They are the ideal machine for TV sports broadcasts.”

“We have used the matrix capability to create unique profiles for around 20-25 different broadcast configurations,” he said. “The Tieline ToolBox software lets us tailor the i-Mix for the needs of each individual broadcaster prior to an OB. My colleagues and I like to use the i-Mix because this feature increases flexibility and saves setup times on location.”

“Sometimes we even use the codec purely as a commentary unit and send the output to an OB van where we mix the output into the main program signal,” he said. “Commentators find it very simple to use and they like the quality of the sound it produces.”

“I would highly recommend the i-Mix as a TV sports commentary unit and codec,” he said. “It’s flexible, sounds great and makes the job of broadcasting that much easier.