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20 / 20 Clarity


Daniel ‘Smithy' Smith, served up 20/20 with Tieline's i-Mix G3

On New Year's Eve 2007, Townsville's 4TO FM was keen to broadcast from the newly constructed Tony Ireland Stadium in the lead up to a 20/20 game. 4TO discovered that the stadium had no POTS or ISDN lines installed - so they sought a creative solution to make it possible.

Matt Paton, one of 4TO FM's Technical Engineers, had heard about the 3G capabilities of Tieline codecs and contacted Tieline to request a pair of demo codecs for the broadcast.

"The idea of going just about anywhere and connecting wirelessly is very attractive," said Paton. "In the past, without Tieline 3G the only alternative if copper wire infrastructure was unavailable was long cable runs - not exactly ideal."

An i-Mix G3 was taken to the stadium and 4TO FM dialed over the widely available Next G mobile phone network to connect to a studio Commander codec.

"The codecs performed really well and the broadcast sounded great," said Daniel ‘Smithy' Smith, host of the ‘Big Arvo' program and the announcer on the day. "We had lots of comments from staff saying it was the cleanest and clearest sounding remote broadcast that we had done."

"Without the Tieline 3G solution we would only have been able to do live crosses using a voice quality mobile phone," said Smithy. "The quality of Tieline 3G is equal to that of ISDN and it sounded so much clearer than other codecs we have used before."

"The codecs are also really easy to use - it's not rocket science," said Smithy. "We often employ casual technical staff to operate for us and with one simple lesson our operator on the night was comfortable to set up the codec and connect. It was very reliable and there were no dropouts."

"As a program director it is great to know that you can pretty much go anywhere and broadcast without being tied to lines," said Smithy, who is also the Program Director at 4TO FM. "It also makes it easier to sell remote broadcasts to sponsors because previously we often had to go out and test phone lines to make sure they worked before a broadcast. Now as long as we have coverage we know we can get connected."

"Tieline codecs provide great flexibility for broadcasting and we have decided to purchase a pair of units," said Smithy. "If you're looking for a versatile mobile broadcast solution, Tieline 3G is the answer."