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NAB 2011 Press Kit

See the links below for the latest NAB 2011 news from Tieline. Download high resolution images at the bottom of this page.

Tieline innovations on display at NAB 2011: 

An IP audio revolution is taking place and Tieline is at the forefront in developing cutting edge technology for radio and TV broadcasters.

See http://www.tieline.com/press/USA/NAB2011/NAB2011.html#1

 ------ Tieline Innovations

Tieline 4G Saves the Day for Cumulus during the Super Bowl: 

The Cumulus team read the play well in relation to 3G and had sound redundancy plans in place using 4G LTE and wired IP during the Super Bowl.


 ------ Super Bowl

Tieline’s Neil Morrish Discusses Why New Codecs Should Now Be IPv6 Compatible:

Ideally new hardware you purchase should be IPv4 and IPv6 ready, just like Tieline’s new Genie shipping later this year and Bridge-IT, so you are not left out in the cold.


 ------ Neil on IPv6

Report-IT Enterprise has Changed the Newscasting Game:

Report-IT Enterprise Edition has changed the way broadcasters approach newsgathering by turning your iPhone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec and ultra-slim high fidelity 20kHz audio recorder.


 ------ Report-It Enterprise

Tieline’s New Mic Adapter For Delivering High Fidelity Audio Using Your Favorite Microphone is Coming Soon:

Soon you will be able to vastly improve the sound of your remotes with Tieline’s Mic Adapter for iPhone®! Slip your iPhone® into the Tieline Mic Adapter, attach your favorite pro dynamic microphone and deliver high fidelity audio direct to the studio.


------ Mic Adapter1

With Genie Your IP Audio Wishes Will Be Granted:

Designed for the latest digital IP broadcast networks, Tieline’s Genie will be a DSP-based six channel STL and audio distribution IP codec, capable of sending 50 stereo audio streams with multiple levels of power, audio, network redundancy and Tieline’s SmartStream Technology.


 ------ Genie Front

Tieline Releases New Codec Management System:

Streamline the management of your entire IP codec network from wherever you have an internet connection with Tieline’s new Codec Management System (CMS). Use it to remotely control and configure new generation Genie and Bridge-IT codecs, and monitor Tieline G3 Commander and iMix codecs.


 ------ CMS

Report-IT ‘Codec Moments’ Score a Hole in One Every Time:

Read a story from Kevin Allen, producer of the weekly golf talk show "Views from the Rough", and how he loves Report-IT "Codec Moments."


------ Codec moments1


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