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Thank you for visiting the gallery of our most recent banner and full page advertisements, as well as trade show posters. Please feel free to request high resolution artwork in JPEG, PDF or Photoshop formats as required. Please email all requests for artwork to graphics@tieline.com.

--- Bridge-IT affordable IP codecs ENGLISH

--- Bridge-IT affordable IP codecs SPANISH banner

--- Introducing Mic-Adapter_ad

--- i-Mix London 2012

--- G3 Simultaneous remotes

--- Bridge-IT and Report-IT hip pocket --- Bridge-IT and Report-IT hip pocket SPANISH
--- Bridge-IT - 1codec 2solutions --- Bridge-IT Beyond Expectations
--- Mic Adapter a-star-is-born --- G3 One touch sports remotes

--- i-Mix Remote Truck in a single box SPANISH

--- Report-IT Enterprise Turns Heads
--- Bridge-IT trade show poster